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Bruin Notes

MaryKate Morse (seminary) published a book, Lifelong Leadership: Woven Together through Mentoring Communities (NavPress), last spring. In it, she offers a comprehensive mentoring community model to support and develop Christian leaders for the lifetime of their calling. This communal and formational approach to mentoring leaders was field-tested and proven to be effective in diverse cultures and faith contexts.

Nicole Enzinger (education) coauthored a chapter, “Mathematics Education Communities: Crossing Virtual Boundaries,” in the book Borders in Mathematics Pre-Service Teacher Education (Springer), released last summer. The chapter explores mathematics education communities within and across social media with a communities of practice lens and shares implications for teacher preparation.

Paul Anderson (theology) last summer edited and published the life stories of his mother and father, These Things I Remember: Live Stories from the Journey (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform), by Alvin L. Anderson, and Checkpoints Along Life’s Journey: My Life in Eight Developing Countries (Independently Published), by Lucy Marva Clark Anderson.

Cherice Bock (seminary) published the book chapters “Quaker Spirituality” in Protestant Spiritual Traditions, Vol. 2 (Wipf & Stock) and “Quaker Pneumatology” in T&T Clark Handbook of Pneumatology (Bloomsbury) last fall.

Douglas G. Campbell (art and design professor emeritus) last winter published the book Parables Ironic and Grotesque (Oblique Voices Press), written in the years prior to his stroke in 2012. In it, he invites the reader to ponder the common follies of his fellow man, highlighting such weaknesses as pride, selfishness, fear and greed, and pointing out the further foolishness of ignoring such shortcomings.

Carl Lloyd (Adult Degree Program) independently published a book last fall, Secrets of Trauma Recovery, under an alias (Dr. Elliott Cace), with alumni Loree Bardwell and Myles Daines. He also collaborated with Amy Maas to publish Living Pictures of the Bible (Empowering Systems Press) in January.

Brian Doak (theology) published the book Ancient Israel’s Neighbors (Oxford University Press) this spring. In it, he provides an accessible guide to the nations immediately surrounding Israel during the biblical period: Canaan, Moab, Edom, Ammon, Philistia, Phoenicia and Aram. Each chapter provides a review of archaeology, writing, art, culture and history, discussing not only the biblical presentation of each neighbor but also what we know about the neighbor outside of the Bible from the ancient world.

Young-IL Kim (social work) published a book chapter, with Sung Joon Jang and Brenda Oyer, in New Research on Parenting Programs for Low-Income Fathers (Routledge). The chapter, enti-tled “Factors Associated with Fatherhood Program Effectiveness: A Randomized Controlled Trial of TYRO Dads,” describes results of a research study funded by the Fatherhood Research and Practice Network.

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