Printing, Copying, and Scanning


To print from a computer in the library, you must have money on your George Fox PaperCut account. PaperCut cards can be purchased in $1, $5 or $10 increments at the Murdock Library Front Desk or the IT Service Desk. Visitors may pay for printing at the Murdock Library Front Desk with credit card, cash or check.

Black and white printing costs 10 cents per page.
Color printing costs 25 cents per page.

Wireless Printing

The library has one wireless printer (located on the main floor in the 24-hour space) that run on the campus-wide PaperCut system. Current students and employees can send single-sided black and white or color print jobs to the printer and pick them up whenever the 24-hour space is open. To learn more about PaperCut, including how to submit items for printing, contact University IT.

Print from the Computer Lab

The computer lab printer offers double-sided or single-sided printing on a variety of page sizes. Students may bring their own paper to print on (resume paper, etc.), but must connect with the Front Desk for assistance before replacing paper in the library printer.

Library computer labs are connected to a printer next to the Research Help offices on the main floor. Printing costs are taken from the computer user’s PaperCut account (connected when you log in to the computer).


The library has two copy stations located on the main floor in the 24-hour space. To make copies, you must have money on your PaperCut account. Please visit the Murdock Library Front Desk for assistance with copying.

Black and white copying costs $0.05 per page.
Color copying costs $0.25 per page.


Scanning is available for free! Please visit the Front Desk in the Murdock Library for assistance with scanning.