Nursing Admissions for George Fox Students

On January 17th, 2024, George Fox students who meet the requirements can fill out an Intent to Pursue Nursing form to indicate their intentions to pursue the nursing program at George Fox University. 

George Fox students are admitted to the nursing program one of two ways: direct admit and general admit.

Students who meet the direct admit requirements (see below) are guaranteed admission to either the spring or fall (depending on space availability). Students who meet the general admit requirements (see below) are not guaranteed admission but will be offered admission if there is space available after direct admits. 

You may use the Should I Apply for Direct, General, or Transfer Admit? questionnaire to determine which status you qualify for.

Direct Admit

Those who meet the following criteria qualify for direct admit (based on space availability, either fall or spring admit). They must have all of the following:

Students that qualify for direct admit must fill out the Intent to Pursue Nursing form.

General Admit

George Fox students who do not meet direct admit criteria may be eligible for the general admit selection process if they have all of the following:

George Fox students pursuing general admission must complete the Intent to Pursue Nursing formContact with admissions questions. 


Running Start Applicants

Running Start students who complete at least two semesters with a minimum of 12 credits at George Fox University will be considered for Direct Admission. Running Start students with one semester (minimum of 12 credits) at George Fox University and no additional college credits (earned after graduation from high school) will be considered for General Admission. If a Running Start student has additional college credit (earned after graduation from high school), they will be considered a transfer student and must apply via the George Fox University website and then the application for the College of Nursing.

Please contact the nursing office at for specific instructions regarding your transfer courses.

Admission to the nursing program is competitive, and meeting the admission criteria does NOT guarantee acceptance into the program. General admit spaces are not guaranteed. Applicants will be offered admission based on a point system and space availability.


A waitlist is implemented when there are more qualified applicants than placement capacity for an incoming class. Applicants placed on the waitlist are notified both by mail and email. If positions become available to accommodate additional eligible students, the waitlist will be activated. Applicants are only on the waitlist for the year of application.


All students reapplying to the College of Nursing must meet that application year's admission criteria (cumulative grade point average and completion of prerequisite courses). Reapplication does not guarantee admission.

COVID-19 & Nursing

The majority of our clinical partners are allowing exemptions to the COVID vaccine requirement. Individuals seeking admission to the College of Nursing for Spring 2024 and beyond may complete a COVID vaccine exemption form.

2024 Admission Cycle

Final acceptance to the program is contingent upon passing a background check and drug screen.
Learn more about program and clinical requirements