Faculty Senate

Full Senate Clerk: Caitlin Corning (2021)
Faculty Representative to the Board: Davida Brown (2022)
Undergraduate Senate Clerk: Phil Smith (2021)

Agendas, Minutes, etc. 

Senate term expirations listed in parentheses.

Undergraduate Senate

Agendas, Minutes, etc.


Andrea Abernathy (2021)

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Mark Weinert (2021)
Guadalupe Garcia McCall (2023)
Shannon Scott (2021)
Gary Tandy (2022)
Bryan Boyd (2022)
Tim Timmerman (2023)

College of Behavioral and Health Sciences

Andrea Alexander (2023)
Sue O'Donnell (2021)
Valorie Orton (2022)
Stephanie Matthew (2022)
Open (2023)

College of Business

Laurie Koehler (2023)

College of Education

Nicole Enzinger (2022)

College of Engineering

Carlisle Chambers (2023) (Sabbatical Spr 21)
Don Powers (2023)
Ben Guidice (2023)
Nathan Slegers (2021)
Todd Curtis (2022)

College of Christian Studies

Isaac Choi (2022)
Ross McCullough (2023)

Graduate Senate

Graduate Senate Clerk: Roger Bufford (2021)
Agendas, Minutes, etc.


Robin Ashford (2023)

College of Behavioral Science and Health Sciences

Open (2021)
Yongqiang Zheng (2022)
Open (2022)
Rhonda Andrews (2023)

College of Business

Chris Meade (2022)

College of Education

Carrie Hall (2023)
Dane Joseph (2022) 
Linda Samek (2023)
John Spencer (2021)

Portland Seminary

Leah Payne (2022)
Melissa Ramos (2022)