Academic Structure

Administratively, academic programs are organized into four “enterprises,” each of which is led by an executive dean. The provost oversees all enterprises and faculty.

2022-2023 Organization of Academic Programs

2022-2023 Academic Affairs Organization Chart

Faculty Senate

Office of the Provost

Provost: Andrea Scott

Cultural Enterprise

Executive Dean: Joseph Clair
Executive Assistant: Sarah Taylor

  • College of Education
  • College of Humanities
  • General Education (Traditional undergraduate)
  • School of Theology

Industrial Enterprise

Executive Dean: Bob Harder
Executive Assistant: Adina Briggs McConaughey

  • College of Business
  • College of Engineering
  • School of Design
  • School of Natural Science

Portland Seminary

Executive Dean: MaryKate Morse
Executive Assistant: Rachael Fissell

  • Masters Programs
  • Doctoral Programs

Wellness Enterprise

Executive Dean: David Cimbora
Executive Assistant: Bryan Dennis

  • College of Counseling
  • College of Medical Science
  • College of Nursing
  • College of Allied Health
  • College of Psychology
  • College of Social Work