Kiale Palpant

Major: English
Areas of Interest: Sports, art (painting), writing, theology, little kids, and chocolate

Fun Fact: I am twelve years older than my youngest sister which meant that she started kindergarten the same year I started college.

Anastasia Reinhardt

Major: Computer Science, English
Areas of Interest:I love reading, especially science fiction! I also enjoy writing poetry and eating ice cream.

Fun Fact: I am rarely seen without my coffee in hand.

Mina Starks

Major: English
Areas of Interest: Reading, painting, cooking, finding new music.

Fun Fact: I like to use Polaroid's as bookmarks :)

Emily Hudgens 

Major: English, Philosophy 
Areas of Interest: Reading, listening to music... and homework (which isn't really an area of interest)

Fun Fact: I worked at an aquarium for 5 years. 

Annelie Haberman

Major: Spanish
Minor: Literature
Areas of InterestEnvironmentalism, Español, Ultimate Frisbee, deep life conversations, ceramics, the outdoors, and fiddle music

Fun Fact: I love to climb trees!

Isaac Bruns

Major: English
Minor: Marketing
Areas of Interest: Any kind of storytelling, journalism, fiction, technical writing, or biblical subjects. I love brainstorming, working with grammar, MLA formatting, organization, and strengthening arguments. I'm also a big fan of ultimate frisbee and Apple tech.

Fun Fact: This summer, I got to read Paul's address to the Areopagus (Acts 17) on the Areopagus in Athens, Greece.


Dakota Buhler

Areas of Interest: Literary analysis, foggy summer mornings, sunny winter afternoons, popcorn, track and field, and campfires

Fun Fact: I have been to 49 of the 50 states (Hawaii is being elusive).

Rachel Marcelia

Major: English
Minor: Communication Arts
Areas of InterestWriting, reading, cooking, music (voice, violin, piano), running

Fun Fact: I drank so much coffee and developed such a strong caffeine addiction during my freshman year that I had withdrawals for an entire month after going home for the summer.

Ashton Hoffman

Major: Psychology
Minor: Writing
Areas of InterestAPA, writing and doing research, reading, creative writing, study techniques, brainstorming, organization, writing theory, the mysteries of inspiration and motivation, fandoms and general geek-ness, pretty much anything blue

Fun Fact: I once wrote a 23 page research paper for fun. Crazily enough, I'm planning on doing it again.

Jazmine Anderson

Major: English
Minor: Theology and Vocation
Areas of InterestWriting, reading, leading Young Life

Fun Fact: My hometown has a population of 1,081.