Hannah Jackson

Hannah Jackson

Coordinator, Academic Resource Center


ARC phone: 503-554-2327

Office: Murdock 110

Rick Muthiah

Rick Muthiah

Director of Learning Support Services




Isaac Brown

Major: English, MKTG/CSIS

Fun Fact: I lived in Nicaragua for 6 months when I was 10.

I like coaching writing through asking questions!


Abby Card (she/her)

Major: Social Work

Fun Fact: I make all my decisions based on aesthetic.

I am a go-to person to help with: Academic Coaching, APA, and thesis writing!



Maya Irons

Major: English Literature and Women's Studies

Fun Fact: I lived in Poland for 4 years

I am great at helping people iron out ideas for their essays and getting their visions realized!


Mckenzie Gerdes

Major: Psychology

Fun Fact: I dressed up as Napoleon Dynamite for Halloween.

My expertise is helping with papers and organizing schedules!

Liz Hudgens

 Liz Hudgens

Major: Writing

Fun Fact: I collect funky earrings. My current favorite pair is a set of mis-matched worms on a string!

My strengths as a consultant are essay organization, proofreading, planning, MLA format, and thesis creation!


Jacob Loomis

Major: English Literature

Fun Fact: Back home I have two pooodles and Jimmy the Female Cat. That's her full name.

I'm looking forward to my academic coaching appointments!



Lillian Pinkston

Major: English

Fun Fact: I play the harp and I have 8 little green alien dudes in my window.

I'm excited to work with people to write awesome essays and learn cool stuff.

Mckenna Lloyd

Mckenna Lloyd

Major: History and English

Fun Fact: My other job is at a museum in town!

I am a go-to person to help with: writing consultations! Thesis writing and paper organization are some of my strong suits as well as refining intro and conclusion paragraphs.


Jaime Miller 

Major: English and Business Administration

Fun Fact: My hometown had a population of 680 people!

I am a go-to person to help with: writing consultations, especially brainstorming!

Zay Trevizu

Major: Biology

Fun Fact: I have 30 first cousins!

I'm most excited for the people I'll be able to help as a consultant.


Pete Reamy


Fun Fact: