Tutoring Services

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Some academic departments offer tutoring and study sessions for specific courses. Spring 2021 Tutoring Labs will be updated as they are available.  


Session Day Time Location and Zoom Link

Math Lab

150, 180, 190, 201, 202, 290

 Sun.Thurs. 5-9pm LEM 15 Zoom Link

Physics Lab

150, 201, 202, 211, 212

 Sun.-Thurs. 6-9pm LEM 15 Zoom Link
Computer Lab Mon.-Thurs.  3-11pm EHS 117

Psychology Lab

Psych courses and APA Style

Human Anatomy & Physiology  Sun., Mon., Thurs. 7-9pm EHS 203 Zoom ID: 3303030193 
General Biology and Genetics Tue. 7-9pm EHS 202 Zoom ID: 9908874328
Developmental Biology Wed. 7-9pm EHS 103 Zoom ID: 3303030193
Gen. Chemistry, Org. Chemistry, and GOB Chemistry Mon.- Thurs. 7-9pm EHS 325 Zoom ID: 3303030193




Tue. and Thurs.  8-9pm STV 209

Business 240 Statistics 

Tue. and Thurs. 

Email ?s to mbarney19@georgefox.edu

6:30pm-7:30pm STV 209

 Finance 260


Mon. and Wed.

For Zoom link or ?s email: cograttan18@georgefox.edu 

6:30-7:30pm STV 209

Open Study Table Tutor Availability

Engineering, Human A&P, Gen Chem, Gen Bio, Spanish, Gen Eds

By appointment

One-on-one via Zoom

Email to make an appointment osttutors@gmail.com

If you need help with a course not listed above, contact: