Getting Started with Disability & Accessibility Services

Welcome to Disability & Accessibility Services (DAS) at George Fox University. We are glad you are here! We would love to meet with you to determine what services might help you thrive here at George Fox University.

If you already have accommodations through George Fox, please take a look at the additional resources we have available to you, or use AIM to manage your accommodations.

Request Accommodations

  1. Complete the online Accommodation Application
  2. Provide current documentation of your disability. This can be uploaded into the AIM system or emailed to
  3. Meet with a DAS representative to discuss possible individualized accommodations.
  4. Request accommodations for specific classes.

Student Responsibilities

Although the university offers services to assist students with disabilities, you have the responsibility to make your needs known. The most important factors to your university success are seeking help early and learning to advocate for yourself. Each student with a disability needing services has the responsibility to:


Jocelyn Day

Jocelyn Day

Associate Director, Disability & Accessibility Services

If you have any difficulties, please contact DAS immediately.