Please visit this site frequently as we revise our forms to meet the changing needs of our campus.

Your department(s) BUDGET is the amount you are approved to spend in each fiscal year.  Purchase request/purchase orders and expenditures are the actual transactions completed by your department.  To make changes to your budget or transactions please use one of the "Adjustment" forms below:

Accounts Payable         

Accounts Receivable

GFU Visa

Petty Cash


  • Budget Adjustments - For 2016-17: Use this form to request budget neutral adjustments within the department(s) for which you are responsible.  Request approvals by email and forward to,  with the attached form and Budget Summaries for backup.


  • IDC (InterDepartmental Charges)-This form is to be used to transfer funds between deparments.  Use this form to charge another department for purchases made on that department's behalf by your department.  An example of this would be supplies purchased by Finance for an event co-sponsored by Finance and Human Resources.  Finance would complete an IDC to "charge" the Human Resources Department for their portion of the cost of the supplies purchased.  For General IDC's this requires approval by both departments.  Email approval is sufficient.  This approval does not apply to recurring Print, Mail and Telephone IDC's.
  • Error Correction for Required Fields OnlyThis form is to be used to correct errors within YOUR department.  Use this form to correct transactions that only utilize the required chart fields:  account, fund, department, program and operating unit.
  • Error Correction for All Fields - This form is to be used to correct errors within YOUR Department.  Use this form to correct transactions that utilize optional chart fields:  project, chart field 1, building code, in addition to the required fields.