Outside Scholarship Resources

Searching for Scholarships

Starting your scholarship search with scholarships that have a smaller applicant pool may prove beneficial, as this improves your chances of winning the award. Local scholarships from your community, high school or church, for example, can offer several advantages:

  • Application pool is usually smaller 
  • Application processes may not be as rigorous 
  • You may find it easier to follow up and receive feedback on your application

To begin your search, consider asking your high school guidance counselor, researching past scholarship recipients, using existing community connections, and researching local scholarship opportunities and the organizations that offer them.

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Here are some potential sources of local scholarships to consider:

Tips for Applying for Scholarships

  • Be organized: Keep track of each of the scholarships that you are applying for; consider using a scholarship tracking system
  • Write out all your hobbies: Scholarships may ask for your hobbies and interests; consider having a spreadsheet with all your hobbies and details about them
  • Don’t ignore smaller scholarships: These awards can add up; you will be less likely to compete against large application pools. 
  • Prepare for Applying for Scholarships: Prepare yourself by thinking through some of your answers that a scholarship community may ask. Here are some often-asked questions: 
    • Describe yourself in a few sentences.
    • What are your goals and ambitions for the future?
    • Describe your involvement in your school and in the community?
    • Who is the individual who has influenced you the most and why? 
  • Make sure that you qualify: Ensure that you meet all scholarship requirements. If you don’t meet the criteria, don’t apply for that scholarship. 

Essay Tips


The following scholarship links may be useful for students looking to finance their college education. 

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Watch video: Report Outside Scholarships

How to Report External Scholarships

Watch: How to Report Outside Scholarships

It’s critical that you report any outside scholarship(s) to our office. This will allow us to include the anticipated scholarship on your financial aid package and decrease the amount due to Student Accounts at the beginning of the semester.

Helpful tip for Oregon students: We will get a list from OSAC of any state scholarships you win. There is no need to report these.

External Scholarships will show as offered on your aid package until the Financial Aid Office receives the check. Once it is received, the external scholarship will show as offered and accepted on your aid package.

  1. Click on the Financial Aid tile in your MyGeorgeFox account
  2. Select “Outside Aid”
  3. If this is the first scholarship you are reporting, then select “Report Outside Aid”
  4. Report the Award
    1. Choose external scholarship
    2. Write in the scholarship name for the Award Description
    3. Write in the amount of the scholarship
    4. Select “Submit”
  5. If you are reporting scholarships after your first award, click the + icon to report additional scholarships.