Student Employment

For Traditional Undergraduates

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program is a partnership between the federal government and George Fox University, designed to help you pay for educational expenses while also gaining valuable work experience. 

FWS is a need-based program awarded to eligible students as part of the financial aid package. The FWS award is called "Federal Student Employment" on your financial aid offer letter. However, receiving the award does not guarantee the funds or a job. 

More than 1,000 students are awarded work-study jobs annually

How does it work?

At George Fox, we believe in making the FWS process mirror the post-college job search as much as possible. This allows students to learn job-seeking skills needed in the marketplace. 

It is the responsibility of you, the student, to secure an on-campus job and earn wages from working.

Students typically work 10 hours per week in FWS jobs

Hours Available


Campus jobs are limited, therefore FWS funds and jobs are NOT guaranteed. You must find a job and work in order to earn up to the award amount on the Financial Aid Offer Letter. 

More than 40 departments hire our students.

Application Process

There are over 750 different jobs on campus every year

Job Types Available

An advantage of having an on-campus job is that supervisors are dedicated to providing a work environment that is understanding toward your academic needs.

Some Job Examples