Intercultural Resource Center

Mission Statement:

The Intercultural Resource Center (IRC) exists to serve students by creating and sustaining an active and engaging intercultural campus life. Through programs, events and resources, we are empowering students to achieve exceptional life outcomes and to make a positive impact in our local and global communities.


At George Fox University, our Be Known promise is a reminder to see and honor the God-given dignity instilled in each person. We believe we have a theological mandate to embrace and foster the diversity in our community.

Our identities and stories are shaped by our racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Sadly, differences in these backgrounds and stories have created divisions that are destructive to a redemptive community. The journey toward reconciliation is not an easy one. There is deeply embedded pain, and we still have a long way to go in fully acknowledging and understanding the pain in one another's stories.

Following the example of Jesus, we are learning to be a community that courageously engages in challenging conversations, finds healing in Christ-centered community, and wrestles to bring peace and restoration to our world.

This is why the Intercultural Resource Center (IRC) exists. Through programs, events and resources, we are committed to:

  • Fostering a welcoming space for students to engage in conversation and to hear one another's stories
  • Helping students explore their own backgrounds and gain an understanding of how they fit into a larger community both as Christ-followers and in the world at large
  • Creating an environment where a diverse community can flourish and the work of reconciliation is actively engaged

We invite all students to come and be a part of this work!

Meet Our Staff


Katrina Johnson 
Dean of Student Belonging and Equity; Title IX Coordinator


D'Metri Mattocks 
Director of Intercultural Life


Jesse Cetz 
First Generation Student Success Coordinator and Liberation Scholars Project Manager

Mari Ortega

Mari Ortega 
Administrative Assistant - Intercultural Resource Center