Current USPS Prices

Current Domestic prices (as of 1-26-20)

One ounce letter $.55
Postcard $.35
Flat Rate Priority Envelopes
Regular Flat Rate Envelope $7.75
Padded Flat Rate Envelope $8.40
Legal Flat Rate Envelope $8.05
Flat Rate Priority Boxes
Small Priority Box $8.30
Medium Priority Box $15.05
Large Priority Box $21.10
Military Priority Box (APO/FPO) $19.60

Current International letter prices
One ounce letter $1.20 to all countries including Canada and Mexico
Postcard $1.20 to all countries including Canada and Mexico
Flat Rate Envelopes and Boxes all vary by individual country.

Come to Mail Services or visit:

USPS Tracking – now available for all US Mail packages

Free Tracking with all:

  • First class packages
  • Priority Envelopes and Packages
  • Retail Ground Packages (Formerly Parcel Post and Standard Mail)
  • Media Packages (Book Rate)
  • Library

No tracking for Letters or flats. ( Unless they are put into a Flat Rate Priority Envelope; they you have tracking.)

Departments wanting to use the tracking:

  • Send your package to Mail Services with the yellow form attached to the package. (Need some? Call Ext 2555.)
    Yellow shipping form:
    • Fill out Account, address type of shipping, insurance, or other services needed. Attach to package being brought over.
  • After package is processed at Mail Services we will return the form – with the tracking # - back to your department.

Customers at the Service Window:

  • You will receive your tracking number at the time of the transaction.

How do I track my packages?

  • Go to – Type # in box called “Add a tracking number”

Need tracking for an International Package? Go to Newberg Post Office for Express Shipping.