Current USPS Prices

Current Domestic prices (as of 9-11-19)
One ounce letter .55
Postcard .35
Flat Rate Priority Envelopes
Regular Flat Rate Envelope 7.35
Padded Flat Rate Envelope 8.00
Legal Flat Rate Envelope 7.65
Flat Rate Priority Boxes
Small Priority Box 7.90
Medium Priority Box 14.35
Large Priority Box 19.95
Military Priority Box 18.45

Current International letter prices
One ounce letter 1.15 to all countries including Canada and Mexico
Postcard 1.15 to all countries including Canada and Mexico
Flat Rate Envelopes and Boxes all vary by individual country.

Come to Mail Services or visit:

USPS Tracking – now available for all US Mail packages

Free Tracking with all:

  • First class packages
  • Priority Envelopes and Packages
  • Retail Ground Packages (Formerly Parcel Post and Standard Mail)
  • Media Packages (Book Rate)
  • Library

No tracking for Letters or flats. ( Unless they are put into a Flat Rate Priority Envelope; they you have tracking.)

Departments wanting to use the tracking:

  • Send your package to Mail Services with the yellow form attached to the package. (Need some? Call Ext 2555.)
    Yellow shipping form:
    • Fill out Account, address type of shipping, insurance, or other services needed. Attach to package being brought over.
  • After package is processed at Mail Services we will return the form – with the tracking # - back to your department.

Customers at the Service Window:

  • You will receive your tracking number at the time of the transaction.

How do I track my packages?

  • Go to – Type # in box called “Add a tracking number”

Need tracking for an International Package? Go to Newberg Post Office for Express Shipping.