Outgoing Employee/Department Mail Preparation

Time-Saving Information

Any questions? Don't hesitate to call Mail Services at ext. 2555, or email: mailservices@georgefox.edu
Richard, Jered and student employees are here to help!

Protect all mail items from any moisture such as rain and or sprinklers.

Letter Preparation

1. Chart of Account Number

Write or stamp your chart of account number in the upper-left corner of each envelope in the Return Address area. (This is for your privacy; we do not like to open your mail to identify the sender.)

Mail with different cost center numbers must be rubber-banded separately.

Example: 990500-MG900-ALL
                Dept.    Prog.   Op.

2. Envelope Preparation

  • Flaps must be individually folded down.
  • Separate unsealed from sealed and bundle separately.
  • Rubber band by chart of account number.
  • Hand bundles to staff member at the customer window when they do not fit through the slots. Do not break bundles to fit.
  • We have postal trays available for larger amounts of 100-, 500- or 1,000-count pieces. (Letters in trays do not need to be rubberbanded)
  • #10 envelopes containing more than three sheets of paper must be pre-sealed.
  • Use a 6x9 or larger envelope to mail more than four sheets of paper.

3. Appropriate Mail Slots

  • Place mail into appropriate labeled slots at University Mail Services:
    • Outgoing Mail: Domestic and International Mail.
    • On-Campus Mail.
    • After Hours Mail Drop-Off.
  • Do not mix Outgoing Mail with On-Campus mail.

4. International Mail

  • Separate international from domestic.
  • International mail cannot have BUSINESS REPLY envelopes inside.
  • Letters do not require a customs form.
  • If the envelope contains documents: Write "Documents" on left side of outgoing address.
  • Visit: https: https://cfo.usps.com/flow-type

Address international mail correctly to ensure delivery:

John Doe
Station 321
Ottowa Ontario K1A OB1

(Country name must be on a separate line at the bottom of the address in CAPITALS.)

For more information about International Mail, see the United States Postal Service website.

Cut-off times for outgoing letters:

Courier to Portland: 10:30 a.m.
U.S. Mail: 2:15 p.m.
UPS: 2:30 p.m.

Shipping Packages:

1. A 'Package Shipping Instruction" form must accompany each outgoing package that comes to Mail Services. Here is the link,or call ext. 2555 for additional forms.

Cut-off times for outgoing packages:

Courier to Portland: 10:20 a.m.
FedEx: 12:00p.m. 
U.S. Mail: 2:15 p.m.
UPS: 2:00 p.m.

2. Package Preparation:

  • Package should be packaged and taped shut when brought over to Mail Services (packing supplies and tape are available if needed for last-minute packaging; cost involved for some supplies).

3. Customs Forms required on the following packages:

  • All International packages (including Canada & Mexico); ask clerk for the correct customs form.
  • All APO, AE, FPO (military) addresses require the large customs form.
  • Visit: https://cfo.usps.com/flow-type

We provide customs forms at Mail Services.
For more information about customs forms, see the United States Postal Service website.

Oddly Shaped Packages

Please use padded envelopes for mailing pens, keys, or any other items that would create an uneven surface. If placed in a normal envelope, additional fees apply, the item can damage mailing equipment, and the item may be damaged during the process as well.

Bulk Mail

Please call Richard Silver, Mail Services's director (ext. 2551) for regulations and qualifications before planning a discounted mailing.