Whether you need a repair or have a project you need assistance with, we are available to help, provided you use the proper channels to submit your request.

Maintenance Requests

Maintenance requests are for work that requires repair or maintenance of existing facilities/assets in order to keep them in a specified state.

Examples of maintenance requests include work to address wear and tear, custodial cleaning and supplies, door and lock key repair, plumbing leaks, and minor wall repair and patch painting.

Learn more on our Maintenance Requests page.

Project Requests

Project requests are for new work. They modify existing facilities/assets. Examples of minor project requests include furniture moving, hanging whiteboards/pictures, and signage. Major projects include office, cubicle, lab or classroom renovations, cabinetry, office painting, and the installation of new equipment.

Learn more about the process on our Project Requests page.

Student Maintenance Requests

We recognize your campus residence is your home away from home, and we want to equip you with the resources you need to take ownership of your space. Visit our Student Maintenance page to find steps to take care of issues that come up and safety guidelines to follow.

Office Setup & Relocation Requests

All office space needs must be reviewed and submitted by either the executive dean of a specific academic enterprise, or by the director of any non-academic department, including VP approval. After obtaining this approval, the office move requests and new employee office setups are submitted via the university Office Setup Request Form.

To learn more about the relocation process, visit our Office Setup Requests page. You can also visit our Office Furniture Policy page to learn about our furniture policies.