Parking Permits

New Parking Policy 2020-21

There have been changes in parking areas this year so be sure to look over your new parking map to ensure you are in the right place. 

99W lot is no longer a GFU parking area. Parking has been added to the Bauman lot for commuters.

All resident students may purchase a Resident West, Resident East, or Morse Lot permit this year but their vehicle must be parked in the lots assigned to their permit designation. That means a Resident West permit may ONLY park in Resident West lot and Resident East in the Resident East lot and Morse only in Morse lot. This option was made available due to the construction on the Eastside of campus.

The university parking registration fee is $100 per term and $200 annually. All commuters and graduate student accounts will automatically be charged for the permit. A waiver form may be filled out online if you do not have a car or are not bringing one to campus.

Parking Permits

  • George Fox University Campus Public Safety office issues colored vehicle permits which correspond with designated parking areas
  • Parking area allocations are subject to change; notices and signs may be posted
  • It is the motorist's responsibility to be aware of such changes
  • Any unauthorized vehicle found in a reserved space may be cited
  • Students may only park in the area designated by their permit.  
  • Students with special circumstances must contact Campus Public Safety before parking in an area not associated with their permit.

Parking Permit Placement

  • Student permits are required to be fully affixed to the rear exterior of the vehicle (rear window or bumper)
    • They must be clearly seen from the rear of the vehicle
    • Do not place a new permit on the top of an old permit, as it will not adhere properly
    • Permits taped to the inside of the vehicle are considered to be improperly displayed and may receive a citation
    • If the style of your vehicle prohibits you from complying to this policy, you must contact Campus Public Safety immediately
  • Staff and Good Neighbor permits are to be hung from the rearview mirror 

Staff (Full-Time Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, Staff)

  • Gold hangtag permit
  • Displayed form the inside rearview mirror and must be visible to the security staff
  • One permit per employee 
  • Permit fees are waived as a benefit of employment
  • Additional permits can be purchased for $5 cash at the Campus Public Safety office
  • Changes to a vehicle or license plate will require an update of your vehicle registration information 
    • Contact Elrike Shaw in the Campus Public Safety office to make any changes to current vehicle registration (

Adjuncts who are coaching assistants, teaching assistants, current undergraduate students

  • All are required to register their vehicles as students and park in the designated areas as assigned by their student permit

Undergraduate Students

  • Student parking permits cost $100 each semester ($200 per academic year)
  • The permit fee is automatically billed to the student's account each semester once his or her car is registered
  • Changes to a vehicle or license plate will require an update of your vehicle registration by contacting Campus Public Safety
  • Consortium students for the spring semester must scrape off their parking permit and bring it to the security office on the last day of the fall semester. Failure to do so may result in a permit charge for the spring semester as well

Type of Permits

Parking changes for 2020-21: Please review the Campus Parking & Traffic Regulations brochure for updates to all the commuter lots

  • Commuter (Gold Permit) - Full- or part-time students (including those auditing classes) who live off-campus
    • Commuter students may register up to two vehicles but will only be charged for one permit
    • Married students should have only one spouse register both vehicles
    • Commuter students are automatically charged for a vehicle
    • A waiver form may be submitted if a car is not being brought to campus
    • Contact Campus Public Safety for more information
  • Resident East (Red Permit) - Full-time students living on campus on the east side of the canyon
  • Resident West (Blue Permit) - Full-time students living on campus on the west side of the canyon, including the Canyon Suites
  • Morse Lot (Orange Permit) - Resident East or Resident West may purchase. The lot is located next to the softball field.
  • Graduate (Green Permit) - Parking is designated around the Roberts Center
  • Temporary Permits - Available 24/7 from the on-duty officer 
    • Staff - may bring a different car to campus, other than the one that is registered for as long as needed
      • Bring temporary vehicle information to the Campus Public Safety office to receive the temporary permit
    • Students - may bring a different car to campus, other than the one that is registered for up to two weeks
      • After the two weeks the new vehicle must be registered
    • Free of charge - gratis
    • Notification to Campus Public Safety MUST take place prior to bringing the vehicle to campus
    • Parking assignments for temporary permits are designated according to the type of activity at the university and may include restrictions as to where the vehicle may be parked
    • Contact Elrike Shaw in the Campus Public Safety office for more information (
    • Call 503-554-2090
  • Visitor Permits - Campus Public Safety is eager to welcome visitors to campus. Visitors are encouraged to register their vehicles at the Campus Public Safety office upon arrival to campus.
  • Good Neighbor Parking Permit - This permit is available to any student living off-campus in private housing surrounding the two-block radius West of the George Fox campus. Please refer to the Good Neighbor Parking Policy for more information.
    • Free of charge ($25 charge if not returned at end of year)
    • Proof of residency required (rental agreements, utility bills) with your name and the address on the documents
    • Please bring this information to the Campus Public Safety office to receive this permit
    • This permit allows you to park in front of your residence only 
    • Please return the permits to the Campus Public Safety office at the end of your time at George Fox or if your housing changes
    • These permits are not transferable to other students
    • Parking in the neighborhood around the George Fox campus may result in a citation if you are not parked near your residence

Campus Public Safety is not responsible for parking information you receive from anyone but us.

George Fox University Campus Public Safety
414 N. Meridian St. #6048
Newberg, OR 97132

Located at 314 N. Meridian St.
(beige house with terra cotta trim located in the Stevens Center parking lot)


Office Hours
During the academic year
  • 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday
During the summer
  • 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday
An on-duty officer is available by phone 24/7