Campus Parking Lots And Permit Designations

George Fox University Security Services issues colored vehicle permits which correspond with designated parking areas (see campus map).

Parking area allocations are subject to change. Notices and signs will be posted; it is the motorist's responsibility to be aware of such changes. Some areas have reserved parking spaces specifically designated for certain departments or uses. Any unauthorized vehicle found in a reserved space will be cited.

Yellow hangtag permit (Faculty, Adjunct, Staff)
  • Employee permits allow staff and faculty to park near their job sites. Please avoid all residential parking lots and any neighborhoods west of Meridian Street.
Gold Permit: Commuter students, may register up to two vehicles that they or their family own(They will only be charged for one permit.) Married students should have only one spouse register both vehicles. Only one permit fee will be charged per married couple if this is followed. Students may not register other students' cars unless married or family. 
  • For the 2017-18 academic year, PARKING HAS CHANGED FOR ALL DRIVERS! Please view the 2017-18 parking brochure map for all commuter parking lots and areas that are striped in red or gold and outlined in gold. Graduate students may park in the solid green lots and striped green areas. North St East next to Lemmons has now been freed up for commuters. 
Red Permit: Resident East student, may register one vehicle only.
  • For the 2017-18 academic year, there are a limited amount of permits for residents. You will ONLY be allowed to park on the east side of campus. These lots include the Le Shana lot, Hobson/Macy/Sutton lot, Wilder House lot, new Morse lot at the Morse Field and the FREE lot at Austin off of Crestview, about 3/4 mile from campus. ALL streets and lots west of the canyon are off-limits for a Resident East permit. 

Blue Permit: Resident West student, may register one vehicle only. See parking map for approved parking locations. Students living in the Canyon Suites are considered Resident West.

Orange Permit: Morse Field, Resident East or Resident West may select this permit but vehicle must stay parked in this lot

Green Permit: Graduate Permit. Vehicles may park in the green lots and green striped areas. See parking map  

Purple Permit: Austin Lot. Free permit for undergraduates. 

Good Neighbor Permit  A Neighborhood Permit is available to any student living in private housing surrounding the two block radius of George Fox. These permits are free of charge but proof of residency (bills, checks, rental agreements with name and address on them) must be brought to the security services office, and after registering IN THE OFFICE,  your permit will be issued on the spot. The Neighborhood Permit does not give you permission to park ON CAMPUS or in other neighborhoods around campus other than where you live.   It does identify you as a legitimate resident on your street and will let others know your car belongs there. Please return Permits to the security office at the end of the academic year. They are not transferable to other students. Winter graduates should return them at the end of fall semester. Commuter permits will need to be purchased if parking in commuter parking areas on campus is desired. Parking in the neighborhood without this permit can lead to citations for violation of the "Good Neighbor Policy". This Policy may be found in the following pages of our website.

Temporary Permit parking follows the same regulations as permanent permits. Therefore, parking lot assignments are designated according to the individual's type of activity at the university.

Visitor Permit parking may occur in the following areas:

  • Stevens Center lot (specially marked visitor row)
  • Bauman/Stoffer lot
  • Le Shana/Wheeler lot
  • Roberts Center lot (Previously the VAC)
  • Campus side of Meridian street if other visitor areas are full