Parking 101

GFU Parking Changes


Parking can be a challenge on the George Fox Newberg campus and due to the construction of the new Student Activities Center and with student input; the university is implementing the following changes to improve the parking situation for all students (undergraduate; residential and commuter) on the Newberg campus.

  1. By the time school starts in August, we will have spent more than $750,000 adding 245 parking spaces and we are allowing more street parking along the 4 border streets of the campus.
  2. We are increasing the number of parking permit types (linked to specific locations) which should reduce the need to hunt through various lots to find parking.
  3. Residential Lots will not be oversold (Limited Permits available).
  4. Graduate commuters are gaining 3 dedicated lots near the Roberts Center.
  5. Graduate students on the Newberg Campus will now be charged automatically for the parking registration on their student account but they will still need to go online and register their vehicle to receive their permit.
  6. If a graduate student walks or rides their bike to campus, please contact Security Services to discuss the removal of the fee from your account. 
  7. There is now a FREE PERMIT option for those interested in saving money by parking in the new lot at Austin Field off of Crestview Dr. (near the Austin Sports Complex).
  8. Residential parking registration will be opened giving priority to seniority. Registration for parking permits will open at 9:00AM according to the following schedule:
  • Seniors-July 5th
  • Juniors- July 12th
  • Sophomores- July 19th
  • Freshman- July 26th

 Any remaining permits are available to all classes at anytime from August 1st until permits are gone.

Commuters and graduate level students may register any time after July 5th no matter their class status. 

As always, for residential students we strongly recommend not bringing a car to campus. Leaving your car home can easily save $1000/yr., there's a car-share program on campus through Enterprise car rentals. There are almost always others that can provide a ride when needed.  

 There is limited space available in most lots and front door parking is rare. We hope the information below will help you to avoid confusion, frustration, and a parking violation.

  • All employees and students operating a motor vehicle on university property must register the vehicle with Security Services. Security Services issues citations throughout the academic year and unregistered vehicles may be ticketed.
  • Permits are sold for a specific side of campus and specific lots. If you are unsure of where you may park, please contact Security Services.
  • All lots have signage indicating the type of permit allowed. It is very important to read and understand the signs.
  • If you lend your vehicle, you will still be held responsible for any tickets issued to it.
  • If you need to drive another vehicle to campus please remember to get a temporary permit for that vehicle. They are available 24/7 from the on-duty officer at the Security office and are of no cost to you.
  • If your vehicle becomes disabled on campus and you are unable to move it, contact Security Services immediately to avoid receiving a citation. We identify tickets by permit number. If you do not have a permit displayed, we will identify it by license plate number. When this happens, often the ticket is identified to a parent, but we assume the student is operating the vehicle and we will bill you.

We urge you to read our on-line rules and regulations brochure and become familiar with parking. Once you purchase a parking permit, you are responsible for knowing the rules and regulations.

Security Services is not responsible for parking information you receive from anyone but us.

If you have questions about parking, please do not ask your roommate, your professor, or your friend whose sister went to George Fox. Please ask Security Services. Our extension is 2090 on campus phones or (503) 554-2090.