General Parking and Vehicle Guidelines

New Parking Policy for 2021/2022 School Year  Parking changes

 General Parking and Vehicle Guidelines

All parking policies for driving in the state of Oregon apply to all parking on the George Fox University campus

  • Speed Limit
    • Maximum speed on campus is 15 mph
  • Yellow curbs
    • Meant for loading or unloading passengers only
    • May indicate a fire lane
    • Parking in near or by a yellow curb is a violation and you may be fined
    • Citations issued for this infraction are not eligible for appeal
  • Disabled parking spaces
    • Designated only for those with the appropriate permit that is properly displayed
    • The striped zones adjacent to designated disabled parking spaces are ADA unloading zones
    • Citations issued for this infraction are not eligible for appeal
  • Fire hydrants 
    • Illegal to park within 10 feet of a fire hydrant at any time
    • This situation is not eligible for appeal
    • Citations issued for this infraction are not eligible for appeal
  • Disabled vehicles
    • All disabled vehicles will be towed
    • Only minor repairs are permitted on campus
      • For example: fixing a flat tire, jump-starting a vehicle
  • Canyon roads and trails
    • Not for student driving
    • For pedestrians and maintenance vehicles only
  • Parking on campus during the evening and weekend hours
    • Students may park outside their permitted areas after 5:00 pm
    • Students must return their vehicle to their designated parking spot no later than 8:00 am
  • Parking along curbs
    • Vehicles may not park against the flow of traffic

 Disabled Parking Spaces

George Fox University has a number of spaces designated for disabled parking; a valid disabled permit must be properly displayed to avoid a citation. Special parking accommodation is available for injured students; contact Campus Public Safety for details.

Designated disabled parking spaces are available in the following lots:
  • Bauman/Ross
  • Edward Stevens Center
  • Edwards Holman Science Center/Hoover/Wood-Mar
  • Edwards Residence Hall
  • Le Shana lot
  • Newlin Residence Hall
  • Pennington Residence Hall
  • Sutton Residence Hall
  • Roberts Academic Center

Vehicle Registration Click Here

See the Vehicle Registration page for more information


Vehicles Left On Campus Policy

PLEASE NOTE: Campus Public Safety normally doesn't allow vehicles to remain on campus if the owner isn't currently taking classes. Exceptions to this policy are as follows:

  • Student is on Juniors Abroad or Winter/Summer Serve trip
  • Student lives too far away to easily drive home
  • International students who purchase vehicles here and return home for breaks
  • Students on official George Fox University activities (Sport activities/Academic trips etc.)


If a student falls within those categories, they may fill out the Vehicles Left on Campus Policy Form, agreeing to the requirements. 


Campus Public Safety is not responsible for parking information you receive from anyone but us.

George Fox University Campus Public Safety
414 N Meridian St. #6048
Newberg, OR 97132

Located at 212 Carlton Way
(Next to Weesner House)


Office Hours
During the academic year
  • 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday
During the summer
  • 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday
An on-duty officer is available by phone 24/7