Vehicle Registration

All vehicles brought to George Fox University or neighborhood as outlined on campus map, whether owned by employees, students, or the university, must be registered with Security Services. Employees and students must register within one week of campus activity. Students need to register on MyGFU by the Add/Drop date (September 8 for Fall 2017) of each semester.

Unregistered vehicles found after the Add/Drop date will be cited for a non-registered vehicle. Multiple non-registered violations will incur a graduated fine of up to $200. A vehicle found with three tickets for non-registration will be immobilized. See the booting policy at the bottom of the page. 

Vehicle registration process: Registration is available online through MyGFU. Parking permits will be mailed to the mailing address specified during registration. 

Parking permit placement: All student permits should be fully affixed to the rear exterior of the vehicle (rear window or bumper) so that they can be clearly seen from the rear of the vehicle. Do not place a new permit on top of an old permit as it will not adhere properly! Vehicles displaying permits taped inside the vehicle or in any other way, or permits unable to be clearly seen from the rear of the vehicle are considered to be improperly displayed and will be ticketed as such. Staff hangtag permits and Neighborhood Permits should be hung from the rearview mirror.

How to register a car on MyGFU

GO to MyGFU, GFU Resources has a link at Vehicle registration. Click Vehicle Registration and have your vehicle registration information from the DMV so you can have all required information. 


  1. Have this information ready BEFORE beginning process:

Your ID number and housing designation (off-campus, or name of residence you are assigned to)

Vehicle VIN number (found on vehicle registration or bottom left corner of front windshield behind steering wheel)

Your driver’s license number and state

Vehicle’s make, model, year, color, and state

Vehicle’s license plate and state (put temporary trip permit number in license plate slot if waiting for license plates) Be sure to e-mail new license plate number to Nadine Kincaid at

Registered owner’s name and address if somebody else owns the car

  1. Log on to myGFU
  2. Go to GFU Resources on the right side of the page
  3. Click on Vehicle Registration link at the bottom
  4. Click on “purchase permit”
  5. Enter ID number and last name
  6. Agree to terms and conditions by checking “agree” box
  7. Select the permit your housing status allows or free Austin lot for on-campus students
  8. Enter driver’s information as requested
  9. Enter the mailing address where you want the permit to be mailed to. If it is close to the beginning of school, enter your campus address and PO box if you are living on campus, or your off-campus residence from where you will be commuting
  10. Enter the vehicle information
  11. Enter the registered owner’s information if you aren’t the owner
  12. Review the order and use the back button to make any needed corrections
  13. Read the parking regulations and click on the “agree” button at the bottom of the page
  14. Click on the “place order” box
  15. Log out
  16. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail you indicated
  17. Print out the temporary permit from the link that you will receive
  18. Place the temporary permit on your dashboard until your permit arrives at the mailing address you indicated
  19. Permits can take up to two weeks to arrive, so order during your class's time frame or by August 1 to make sure you have it before school starts
  20. Commuters can register up to two vehicles, and are only charged for one. Register the second vehicle at the security office and your permit for the second vehicle will be given to you in the office. Please bring DMV registration to help in the process. You can only register a spouse's car or family-owned car as your second car-not your roommate's car, friend's car, girlfriend or boyfriend's car etc.