Educational Information

Campus Public Safety supports crime prevention. The office provides the following prevention services:

Published Information

Includes data and pamphlets available from Campus Public Safety, as well as the Personal Safety Guidelines web page. The office holds sessions on various personal safety topics upon request. Information is provided through workshops, crime alerts, brochures and notices titled "Timely Notices" on The Daily Bruin announcements forum and on the campus email system. Students are encouraged to subscribe to The Daily Bruin in order to not miss important safety notices.

Resident Assistant Program

Resident assistants are offered training on security issues they may face.

University-wide Presentations

Active Shooter training is available for students and staff/faculty on an "as requested" basis. We will set a training up for your office or dorm that will fit your time schedule. For students going abroad with university groups, we can offer safety and security tips that address the special circumstances surrounding travel outside the United States.

When crimes occur on campus, we want the university community to be aware so they can take precautions and avoid being a victim. If you have information or questions, call Campus Public Safety at 503-554-2090.