Tobacco-Free Campus Initiative

George Fox's Newberg and Portland campuses are tobacco free as of Jan. 1, 2012.As of Jan. 1, 2012, George Fox University prohibits all forms of tobacco use everywhere on campus as well as off-campus by employees and traditional undergraduate students. The policy applies to George Fox's residential campus in Newberg, Oregon, and its Portland Center in Portland, Oregon

Policy History

The university has always prohibited tobacco use by its undergraduate students and employees but, through Dec. 31, 2011, did allow campus guests to smoke outside of buildings.

Rationale for Change

The reasons for adopting a stricter tobacco-use policy are outlined below.

The policy ...

  • Provides a healthy workplace and educational environment for the university's students, employees and guests
  • Aligns with the lifestyle commitment and values of George Fox
  • Eliminates the danger of second-hand smoke on campus
  • Aligns with American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation’s Smoke-free Air program
  • Supports The American Lung Association’s Oregon Tobacco-Free College Initiative

The decision to strengthen the university's tobacco-use policy dovetails with a growing trend to restrict the use of tobacco on college campuses nationwide:

  • 252 colleges and universities are tobacco free (The American Lung Association, October 2011)
  • 586 schools are 100 percent smoke free (American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation, October 2011)

Tobacco-Free Q&A

I thought George Fox was already a tobacco-free campus. What changed?

While the school’s student and employee handbooks prohibited tobacco use by traditional undergraduate students and employees, guests were allowed to smoke outside buildings. The tobacco-free campus policy takes it a step further by prohibiting the use of all forms of tobacco products on campus (even outside).

When does the tobacco-free policy take effect?

George Fox University is a completely tobacco-free campus effective Jan. 1, 2012.

Is this change just for the Newberg campus?

The tobacco-free campus policy includes the Newberg and Portland campuses.

What has been done to communicate this change to the George Fox community, as well as visitors to our campus?

There are many ways we’ve communicated the change to a tobacco-free campus. Some of these include: announcement at all-employee meeting, informing key constituents at the Newberg and Portland campus about the change, official press release, letter from the president to the George Fox community, E-nnouncement messages, contacts with outside groups that visit our campus, creating tobacco-free web page with information and FAQs, information given to The Crescent staff, and changes in the student and employee handbooks.

I’ve been part of a summer program at George Fox and I was allowed to smoke outside the buildings. Can I still do that, especially since it’s not during the school year?

Smoking, as well as other tobacco products, are prohibited at all times on campus, regardless of the event or the time of year.

Quit SmokingDoes George Fox offer any cessation or stop-smoking programs or support?

While the university does not offer specific programs, we would highly encourage people to contact Providence Newberg Medical Center or the American Lung Association about programs and products that can assist people to stop smoking. The Newberg Medical Center’s smoking cessation classes information can be accessed at The lung association information can be found at

What should I do if I see someone smoking on campus?

Community members may politely remind guests who are smoking that we are a tobacco/smoke-free campus. If she/he is uncomfortable doing so, or the person smoking ignores the reminder, reports can be made to Campus Public Safety.

What organizations are advocating for a tobacco-free campus?

While there are many more than what’s included here, two of the prominent initiatives are the American Lung Association’s Oregon Tobacco-Free College Initiative and the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation’s Smoke-free Air program.

Do other college campuses have a tobacco-free policy?

Yes. An increasing number of colleges and universities nationwide are tobacco/smoke free. Two-hundred and fifty-two colleges and universities are tobacco free (The American Lung Association, October 2011), and 586 are 100 percent smoke free (American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation, October 2011). The University of Oregon and Oregon State University will become tobacco-free in 2012. A list of Oregon Tobacco-Free Campuses can be accessed at this site.

Read more: Tobacco-use policy press release.