Macy Hall

Macy Hall is a three-story residence hall that houses 78 women. It is part of the Hobson/Macy/ Sutton complex. Each floor has a kitchen and card-operated washer and dryer.

Quick Facts

Resident East
Living Area
First-Year Students
Women only

Specs & Amenities

  • Completed in 1977
  • It’s part of HMS, which houses a total of 222 students, making it the largest residence facility on campus
  • The three buildings share a central lobby and are connected by outside walkways and an underground tunnel
  • Student living capacity: Two per room
  • Total capacity: 78
  • Approximate room size: 12' x 15'
  • Carpeting: Yes
  • Closet/shelf space: Yes
  • Bookshelves: Yes
  • ADA compliant: No
  • Approximate closet size: H: 4'6"; W: 3'9"; D: 1'9"
  • Approximate upper closet size: H: 2'9"; W: 3'9"; D: 1'9"
  • Common bed type: Wooden bunkable
  • Approximate height under bed: 31"
  • Approximate window height: 3'9"
  • Approximate window width: 5'9"
  • Approximate distance from floor to top of window: 7'2"
  • Approximate depth of window sill: 6"
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Room Layout


Building Layout

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