Sutton Hall

Located on the east side of campus, Sutton is the central residence hall in the Hobson/Macy/Sutton complex. It houses 60 students and consists primarily of suites, with some double-occupancy rooms. The first floor has four suites – each with its own bathroom – designed to house four students each. The second and third floors offer both two- and four-person rooms that all share a common bathroom. Each floor in Sutton has a card-operated laundry facility. The downstairs lounge area has a TV room, pool table and study area.

  • Completed in 1977
  • Houses 222 students, making it the largest residence facility on campus
  • The three buildings share a central lobby and are connected by outside walkways and an underground tunnel
  • Student living capacity – varied per room
  • Total capacity – 64
  • Type – freshmen men
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