Physical Therapy Job Outlook & Salary

Thrive in a Growing Field

The future of physical therapy is brighter than ever. A Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report states that employment of physical therapists is predicted to grow 21% between 2020 and 2030, much faster than the average growth rate for all occupations.

According to the BLS, the increased demand can be attributed partly to the large number of aging baby boomers, who are staying more active later in life than their counterparts in previous generations. Older people are more likely to experience heart attacks, strokes and mobility-related injuries that require physical therapy for rehabilitation.

Job Opportunities

Students in the Physical Therapy lab

Graduates of our doctor of physical therapy program will be trained to find employment as physical therapists in:

  • Acute care centers
  • Independent outpatient orthopedic clinics
  • Rehabilitation centers/clinics
  • Skilled care facilities
  • Sports medicine clinics
  • Home health settings

Physical Therapy Salaries

How much do physical therapists make? Salaries for the profession vary widely based on a variety of factors, including years of experience, industry and location.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the best-paid 10% of physical therapists in the U.S. earn more than $127,110. The average salary for physical therapists in Oregon is $90,450, slightly lower than the average salary of $92,920 for physical therapists across the entire U.S. (2021).

The table below compares mean salaries in Oregon and in the U.S. overall for various physical therapy positions:

Occupation Oregon Annual Mean Salary U.S. Annual Mean Salary Difference
Physical Therapists $90,450 $92,920 -$2,470
Physical Therapist Assistants $59,500 $60,740 +$1,240
Physical Therapist Aides $32,860 $30,370 -$2,490

Are you a high school student?

Learn more about George Fox's pre-physical therapy undergraduate major in kinesiology, which prepares students to go on to grad school to study physical therapy.