Enhance Your Social Work Skills in Human-Service Settings

In what setting do you feel compelled to serve? The Master of Social Work (MSW) program offers practicum experiences in social service agencies and organizations that match your choice of concentration and professional interest.

MSW-level supervision is provided for all, and each student has a George Fox practicum faculty member who leads a seminar concurrent with the practicum.


Practicum settings include:

  • State social services
  • Community mental health
  • School social work
  • Medical social work
  • Criminal justice
  • Veteran services
  • Housing and employment initiatives
  • Immigration and refugee resettlement
  • Advocacy and civil rights organizations
  • Services for elderly and disabled persons
  • Residential treatment
  • Faith-based initiatives
  • Global relief
  • Adoption Services
  • Human trafficking trauma informed services
  • Domestic violence intervention and support


Employment-Based Practicum

Oftentimes, students are already working in settings that could count toward practicum placement. The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) permits students working in eligible social work-related organizations to complete their practicum at their place of employment if their employee tasks are directly linked to the 10 George Fox MSW competencies:

The standards of the agency and the responsibilities and tasks given to the student must be approved by the field director. For more information, please contact the MSW director of practicum education at

Practicum Requirements

Your practicum requirements are dependent on your situation:

Advanced Standing MSW Students
As an Advanced Standing student, you'll complete one eight-month supervised practicum with a minimum of 560 hours (an average of 20 hours per week over the course of 14 weeks each semester).

Traditional MSW Students
As a traditional MSW student, you'll complete two eight-month supervised practicums. Your Generalist practicum will be approximately 16 hours per week, and your Advanced Generalist practicum will be 20 hours per week.

For more information on the objectives, policies and procedures of the Practicum Education Program, check out our Practicum Education Manual.

Weekly Practicum Seminars

Each MSW student meets in a weekly seminar. This is an intimate class of four to six students facilitated by a practicum faculty member who is also an experienced social worker. It is a place where students debrief about their practicum and learn how to apply their classroom learning in practical ways from a social work perspective.

Practicum faculty also act as liaisons between George Fox and our agency partners to ensure that both student and agency needs are met.


Schedule Details

Practicum Application Process

A practicum application process will take place after you are admitted to the MSW program. The Pacticum Education Program works closely with the student to ensure the placement is mutually beneficial to the student as well as the agency.

For more details about the placement process, please see the Field Education Manual.

The Power of Relationships

What empowers change and growth? Whether we are speaking about Master of Social Work students or the clients they will eventually serve, we believe the primary factor in their success is the quality of the relationships they have with their mentors.

George Fox is uniquely positioned to offer a relational, personalized practicum experience that prepares you for advanced-level social work practice. Our director of practicum education is available to meet with every MSW student to discuss their personal and professional goals. We will:

Being authentically known – personally, academically and spiritually – is crucial to change because when students feel what it’s like to be known in this way, they become inspired. And that’s when real change happens. Knowledge moves from the mind to the heart. Careers turn into callings. Faith turns into action. And that’s why we begin with a simple promise – that each student will Be Known.

Unwavering Support

Whether your desire is to work with patients in a fast-paced hospital environment, serve at a faith-based nonprofit, assist children in a school social work office, or conduct therapy sessions at a county mental health agency, George Fox is equipped to support you every step of the way.

We have spent years fostering relationships with all of these placement settings and agency supervisors to provide you with the optimum practicum experience designed to launch your professional career.


Trisha Stickler

Trisha Stickler

Admissions Counselor, Master of Social Work Program