Friends of Biology and Chemistry

An association of Biology and Chemistry Alumni and Friends.

Current FBAC projects in recent years:

  • Raised almost $60,000 to fund the Voth-Orkney Research Endowment.
  • Provided travel money to Biology and Chemistry students to present their research at regional and national meetings.
  • Provided funds for the annual Senior Research Symposium and Senior Banquet.

The Friends of Biology and Chemistry (FBAC) is an association of graduates and friends of the Biological and Molecular Sciences Department at George Fox University. The primary goal of the association is to gather and unify its members around the central purpose of contributing to the undergraduates, faculty, and programs of the Biological and Molecular Sciences Department. In 1998 a small group of faculty and alumni began developing goals and a structure for the organization. A constitution was drafted and a group of individuals was selected to oversee the organization. 1999 saw an evening of alumni presentations, a homecoming get-together and a student research colloquium followed by a banquet.

The purpose of this association is to provide you and other Friends of the Biological and Molecular Sciences Department with opportunities to contribute your time, expertise, experiences and resources. FBAC has identified the following goals:   

  • Provide opportunities for undergraduates to interact with alumni and friends.
  • Support fund raising efforts for the Biological and Molecular Sciences Department. 
  • Promote excellence in teaching.
  • Promote individual research by students and faculty.
  • Support the pre-professional programs by providing funds for travel to national meetings and professional schools, and for visits by professional school admission personnel.
  • Encourage and maintain friendships among the friends and alumni of the Biological and Molecular Sciences Department of the University.
  • Provide scholarships for undergraduates.
  • Provide support for equipment grants and purchases.
  • Work to increase the reputation of the Biological and Molecular Sciences Department among prospective students, academic institutions, granting agencies, alumni and businesses. 

FBAC has identified five opportunities for you to become involved during the upcoming school year including:

  1. Join FBAC and help the organization to grow and develop.
  2. Contribute to current Biology and Biochemistry majors experience at George Fox by volunteering to speak at a class or seminar.
  3. Provide opportunities for students to get to know you and your profession through job shadowing and/or informal discussions.

If you would like to join us,  please contact John Schmitt, professor of biology and faculty representative to FBAC.