Department of Biology and Chemistry
Biology Biochemistry and Chemistry

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The Department of Biological and Molecular Sciences, which includes Biology, Biochemistry and Chemistry, is committed to offering you a quality education characterized by personal attention, small classes, and academic rigor. This commitment allows us to more effectively address the needs of individual students, which in essence customizes your education. The practical value of this approach is illustrated by the success our students have enjoyed in graduate education (both research and medical-related programs) and a variety of professional careers.

Our faculty are equipped to train you in the fundamentals of the biological and chemical sciences. We offer a wide range of courses that provide the intellectual foundation needed for you to pursue a variety of careers. The department also emphasizes practical training by offering field trips (e.g. Malheur Field Station), project based laboratories (e.g. ecology and animal physiology), and research internships (e.g. Murdock Science Scholar Program at Oregon Health and Science University).

We believe our world needs professionals of strong character, maturity, and Christian commitment who are prepared to provide moral and ethical leadership to our increasingly technological world. George Fox University, because it offers an excellent education centered in Jesus Christ, can help you develop the necessary skills to have a positive impact on society.


The mission of the Department of Biological and Molecular Sciences is to prepare scientifically competent, broadly educated and spiritually mature students within a Christian perspective for vocations in industrial, academic and professional areas and service in their communities. 


Our vision is for George Fox University to be known as a community of scientists and Christians where:

  • Students receive excellent teaching in the natural sciences
  • Students are well-prepared for a wide variety of vocations
  • Students work closely with faculty on cutting-edge natural science research
  • Students and faculty explore the meaning and relevance of scientific information
  • Students and faculty share their knowledge of the natural world with the broader community
  • Students develop a deeper understanding of the integration of Christian faith and science


As a department, we value :

  • The opportunity to explore God’s creation
  • The freedom to hold a variety of opinions regarding the origins of the creation and the integration of Christian faith and science
  • Excellent teaching by all faculty members in the classroom and laboratory that reflects current trends in the natural sciences
  • Active learning in laboratory settings that emphasizes hands-on access to scientific instrumentation for all students
  • Research as an important component in the development of young scientists, regardless of their career goals
  • Interpersonal relationships between faculty and students in all aspects of the academic experience
  • Connections with broader communities that allow faculty and students to share with others their love of science, their technical expertise, and their understanding of scientific issues from a Christian worldview