Ben Giudice

Ben Giudice, PhD

Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering


Ben Giudice joined the College of Engineering in 2016 after arriving from Sacramento, California, where he was a senior environmental engineer (2013-15) and a project engineer (2009-12) with Robertson-Bryan Inc., of Elk Grove, Calif. Also, during his tenure at the University of California, Davis, from which he earned a PhD in environmental and water resources engineering in 2012, Ben was a graduate student researcher for the school’s Civil and Environmental Engineering Department (2005-12). He also taught environmental hydrogeology for Calvin College’s engineering department in 2011.

Previously, he was an engineering technician with Soil and Materials Engineers of Grand Rapids, Mich., (2004) and a writing tutor in the Rhetoric Center at Calvin College, from which he earned a bachelor of science in engineering degree in 2005. He also holds a master’s degree in environmental engineering from the University of California, Davis (2007). Ben lives in Newberg with his wife Mary and children Luke, Vivian and Eleanor.