Outstanding Seniors

These seniors were honored for their academic achievements, involvement in their departments, and overall contribution to the engineering program.

Photo of Jacob BibbJacob Bibb
Hometown: Gaston
Major: Civil
Employer: Pioneer Design Group, Beaverton
Job Title: Civil Designer

Photo of Rudy Ku-cejinRudy Ku-cejin 
Hometown: Portland
Major: Electrical
Employer: Tektronix, Inc., Beaverton
Job Title: Software/Hardware Engineer

photoJonmichael Weaver 
Hometown: Los Alamos, New Mexico
Major: Mechanical
Graduate School: Montana State University, Bozeman
Specialization: Applied research in mechanical engineering

photoJake Whipple 
Hometown: Simi Valley, California
Major: Computer
Employer: Tektronix, Inc., Beaverton
Job Title: Software Engineer

photoJoshua Williams 
Hometown: Ephrata, Washington
Major: Mechanical
Employment: Currently interviewing for positions in the aerospace and electrical power research industries