University Players Performance Summaries

2017-2018 Performance Summary

A Touch of Yellow

This year, The George Fox University Players explore the theme "A Touch of Yellow", stories where we are surprised by hope and find beauty in the ordinary. Where things may not turn out as we expect but we catch a glimpse of light, however small.

Interwoven with music, we tell stories from our own lives that explore the places where God is shaping us into who we are.

Here are a few of the stories we'll be sharing:

  • Two Bees: A student is "stung" with a memory that brings joy on a cloudy day
  • Sierra Point: A hiker finds gratitude on the very edge of a mountain 
  • Milkshake: A coffee shop encounter sends a girl searching for how to help in a world that makes her feel small
  • Mud: Stuck in a pile of mud, a child finds himself in need of some taller boots


2016-2017 Performance Summary

Ready or Not

This year, The George Fox University Players explore the theme "Ready or Not", stories where life comes pouring in around us and we realize we are not in control. 

In this year’s stories, we see our hopes fade away, meet lost family members, and are warmed by childhood journal entries. We glimpse that sacred moment just before a decision when we ask, “Am I ready for this?”

Interwoven with music and masks, we tell stories from our own lives that explore the places where God is shaping us into who we are.

Descriptions of some of the stories we'll tell:

  • Yosemite: A camp counselor is surprised by beauty in an unexpected encounter 
  • American Sister: An adoptee returns to her birthplace to find her brother
  • Snapshot: A missing photograph resurfaces, piecing things back together
  • Are You Ready?: A child searches for the answer to a mother’s last question


2015-2016 Performance Summary

Time Will Tell

The George Fox University Players explore the theme “Time Will Tell,” stories of time; our struggle against it, our longing for it, and our place within it. These true, original stories investigate the places in which God has been shaping us.

Here are just a few of the stories we may explore together:

    • Meteor Shower: A child, accompanied by her parents, sets out to see a meteor shower, and contemplates the blessing of a moment.
    • Bikeride: After a moment of embarrassment, a young man conquers his past and learns how to ride a bike.
    • Hide and Seek: Determined to win a game, a young girl braves a perilous hiding place, and wrestles with her fear of getting left behind. 
    • Pre-Med: Afraid that she’s not enough, a student comes up with a creative answer to the dreaded questions: “What’s your major?” and “What do you want to do?”
    • Classmate: After the loss of a classmate, a girl looks back on an unrequited love, and wonders if anything could have been different.
    • Uzbekistan: When political tensions arise, a child and his family are forced to say goodbye to the familiar, and must forge together a new sense of home. 
    • Skydiving: After all the worrying and preparing, a young woman abandons her fear, takes a leap of faith, and sees things for what they are. 
    • 2 am: In the final stages of a production, between late night exhaustion and all the unmet to-dos, a group of students step back, share a meal, and relish in their hard work and friendship. Sometimes God is at work in the unlikeliest moments. 

2014-2015 Performance Summary

Point Me Home

We share our stories in three acts: stories of beginnings and starts, times when we are turned around, and when in our lostness, we discover what we are really looking for. Times when the path changes.

Sometimes being found is easy. Sometimes we have to fight for it. 

Descriptions of some of the stories we'll tell: 

    • Campus: Lost in a strange city, a new college student tries not to panic.
    • Dark Night: A Girl Searches through difficult questions around a first kiss
    • Arizona: A Family’s Nighttime routine becomes a child’s anchor in a hard time
    • Breakup: A student tackles heartache with a Volvo and a sentimental song
    • Handhold: Siblings search for stability while facing the death of a parent
    • DC: A student searches for the Lincoln memorial and finds himself
    • The Bon: A Freshman scans a crowded cafeteria for a familiar face
    • Wagon Train: A determined child conquers the Oregon Trail 

2013-2014 Performance Summary

Highway 18

This year the Players explore stories of traveling down Highway 18 — who we are, where we go, and what we encounter along the way. Interwoven with music and masks, they tell stories from their own lives on their journeys toward identity. Their stories are told in three acts.

Act 1, Life: When we survey the road ahead and wonder which direction to take.

Act 2, Death: When our journey is interrupted and we are stopped in our tracks.

Act 3, Resurrection: When out of the rubble, new life begins.