Theatre Minor

Theatre at George Fox University incorporates more than just acting – it is viewed as a form of communication with significant intellectual, social, moral and spiritual values for both participant and audience.

As a theatre minor, you’ll be part of a co-curricular program responsible for facilitating on-campus productions that create formational experiences for all George Fox students. You can choose from dynamic studio courses in acting, design, and directing/literature courses you can take multiple times in various formats. You will also get the opportunity to engage in design courses connected to our music major’s music industry and worship arts concentrations! 

We present three main-stage productions each year: usually a comedy in the fall, a musical in winter, and a drama in spring. We also produce student-directed works and host performances by Epiphany, our touring theatre troupe. All these opportunities will expose you to the art of servant storytelling in a community of theatre lovers dedicated to integrating faith and artistic excellence in order to make an impact in our local and global communities.

Ultimately, our mission is to offer a program that prepares Christian artists to make meaningful contributions to our world. Beyond that, theatre courses and performances teach you invaluable life skills such as teamwork, empathy, time management, whole body awareness, thinking on your feet, and public speaking. In short, the skills you learn and develop can be applied to whatever career path you choose.

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What will I Study?

  • From stagecraft, to acting, to design, to directing and to the in-depth study of dramatic literature, theatre minors are exposed to the fundamental skills of theatre making. 
  • Our stagecraft class exposes students to the magic of how scenery is built, colors are mixed and lights move. The course culminates in the theatre program’s annual Tech Olympics, the most exciting tech celebration of the year!
  • Our intense acting studio features beginning to advanced actor training designed to take your work as an actor to the next level of excellence.
  • Our experiential design studio features scenic, light, sound, costume and projection design. Students gain hands-on experience as they explore the fundamental tools needed to work though the design process from concept to final product. 
  • Our directing/literature studio is a dynamic class that explores the cultural intersections between dramatic literature and performance through the eyes of the director. 
  • Our mainstage practicum rewards students for their hard work and dedication to their craft by granting them academic credit for participating in a university theatre production, whether as actors, designers, stage managers or technicians.
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JeanneAnn Faris

JeanneAnn Faris (’19)

Director, Lighting Designer & Actor

I wouldn't be the theatre artist or person I am now without my professors, who literally stood by me as I grew, pushing me to go beyond my own limits, demonstrating expert artistry and boundless empathy, and encouraging the practice of being present at all times with all people.