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Complete your degree with support along the way. Our enrollment counselors, faculty members, and support staff are here to assist you through each step between admission and graduation.

We do our very best to provide the support, encouragement, and service that each student needs for their own success. Let us know how we can help you.

Photo of Jennie Harrop

Jennie Harrop, PhD, DMin, MFA

Associate Dean, George Fox Connect

Associate Professor of Professional Studies

Photo of Metra Augustin

Metra Augustin, MS, BA

K-12 Initiative Director, George Fox Connect

Photo of Courtney Elrod

Courtney Elrod

Operations Manager, George Fox Digital

Photo of Rae Casey

Rae Casey, PhD

Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership

Photo of Michelle Shelton

Associate Professor of Mental Health Studies

Photo of Robin Ashford

Digital Learning, Research & Instruction Librarian

Head of Portland Center Library

Admissions & Enrollment Services

Photo of Kristie DeHaven

Kristie DeHaven

Admissions Counselor, International & Readmitted Students