Moving into your new dorm room is exciting, and we know you’ll make the space look amazing. But you might be wondering what to pack. Start your college journey off on the right foot with the right supplies. In addition to the essential items listed on (search “what to bring to campus”), we’ve thought of some dorm room favorites that might have escaped your packing list.

#1 School Supplies

Laptop Sleeves

Laptops are expensive, so it’s worth spending a little extra to protect them. A quality sleeve will help shield your computer from accidents. Bonus points if it’s waterproof.



Take control of your schedule from the get-go. Modern planners have all kinds of bells and whistles, from to-do lists to decorative stickers. Find the planner that suits your needs!


#2 Bathroom/Toiletries

Bathroom Caddy

Keep your toiletries organized in a plastic bathroom caddy with built-in drainage holes. Trust us, life will be so much easier (and less messy).


Self Care Items

Pack your favorite scrubs and lotions. When life gets hectic, it’s important to set aside self-care time to unwind and relax.


Shower Shoes

You’ll get to share a lot of wonderful experiences with your dorm-mates, but some things are not great to share (i.e. germs on the bottoms of your feet)!


#3 Clothing

Rain Jacket

Oregon rain is what makes our beautiful campus lush and green. Bring a waterproof rain jacket so the adventure may continue on, rain or shine.


Professional Clothes

You never know when opportunity will come knocking. Bring at least one full outfit you would wear to a job interview or special event.


#4 Room Decor


Studies have found plants to improve mood, productivity and creativity. Worried about dead plants? Pick hard-to-kill varieties like succulents, spider grass and money trees.


String Lights

String lights add warmth, light and glam to your living space. Coordinate with your roommate to find the perfect style for your room.


Command Hooks

Command hooks are the dorm decorator’s best friend. They work on almost any surface and leave no residue behind, making wall décor easy and damage-free.


#5 Miscellaneous 


Board and card games are wonderful for community bonding. Get a group of your new friends together for a game night!


Mini Fridge

Use a mini fridge to store fruits, veggies and leftovers. There’s always time for snack time!


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