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Learn to support the health of the body and mind

Behavioral health is a growing field with important implications for everyday life. As mental health concerns rise in nearly every industry, now is the time to pursue education in behavioral health. Make a difference in the lives of those in your community and beyond.

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What Will I Study?

  • Psychological theories, scientific method, structures and functions of the brain, sensation, perception, learning, memory, emotion and motivation
  • How gender, culture, ethnicity and ethics relate to the understanding of human behavior
  • Key concepts of social psychology, including the impact of influence, stereotypes, prejudices, attitudes, culture and social awareness
  • Ethical decision-making and morality in social psychology
  • Causes of stress and how they impact the body psychologically, physiologically and spirituality
  • Cultural and gender implications of stress
  • Stress reduction techniques and ways to improve work/life balance
  • Major theories of personality development, including environmental influences, self-awareness and empathy

Why Study Behavioral Health?

  • Pursue advanced learning in a growing field
  • Add an emphasis to an existing major of study
  • Highlight a specialization in your current or future occupation, and/or
  • Demonstrate higher-level learning in these areas to graduate schools


A theoretical and experiential exploration of the causes and effects of stress physiologically and psychologically. Students will be introduced to physical, mental and spiritual techniques to reduce stress and increase relaxation

Explore the study of human behavior through a scientific and sociocultural lens. The foundational concepts included in this course are as follows: the history and major theories of psychology, disciplines in the field of psychology, biological bases of behavior, scientific method, sensation, perception, learning, memory, emotion and motivation. Gender, cultural and ethnic considerations are explored as they relate to understanding human behavior, perceptions and emotions.

This course incorporates a theoretical and experiential exploration of the causes and effects of stress physiologically and psychologically. Students will be introduced to physical, mental and spiritual techniques to reduce stress and increase relaxation.

An introduction to the concepts that can affect social situations and events in everyday lives. You will explore the impact of culture, perceptions, prejudices, stereotypes and attitudes on social awareness and interpersonal relations. This course will engage students in ethical decision-making processes as they relate to modern and historical approaches to social psychology.

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Tuition and Financial Aid


Tuition for all online certificates costs $499 per credit hour. Each class is generally three credits. The total cost for the Certificate in Behavioral Health is $5,988 over an eight-month period.

Payment plans are available. Financial aid is not available for certificates at this time.

Keep Moving Forward


Credits you earn in this certificate program will count toward a bachelor’s degree in our Adult Degree Program. If you’re interested in learning more about applying credits to a bachelor’s degree, contact our adult degree admissions team today!


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Leah Gomes

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