Art Minor

Do you love expressing yourself through art? Are you fascinated by design? Whether you’re interested in studio arts, illustration, art history or graphic design, an art minor can help you gain a deeper appreciation for artistic expression and spark your creative juices.

George Fox’s 21-semester-hour art minor is designed to expand your artistic and creative skills. It provides an overview of drawing, 2-D design and art history, and allows you to choose additional electives to explore your specific area of interest.

Looking for more than just a minor? George Fox offers a variety of majors in the arts .

students sitting at a desk studying with a notebook

What Will I Study?

Core courses you will take include:

  • Basic Design 2-D introduces materials, techniques, and theory related to 2-D design. 
  • The Drawing I course covers the methods and forms of drawing with various media, including pencil, ink, charcoal, and more. 
  • Art History Survey courses cover the elements and concepts of art theory and practice. You’ll learn the historical significance of painting, sculpture, architecture, and other art forms.
  • You can choose from various elective courses in art studies, such as 3-D design, drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, arts administration, sculpture, and ceramics. This will customize your minor to best fit your interests and skills.
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