Interior Design Major (BFA)

If you love crafting meaningful spaces for people to inhabit and can’t get enough of architecture, arranging space and considering how people connect with their environment, welcome to your dream area of study: interior design!

It’s true that interior design is about crafting beautiful spaces, but it goes beyond Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper. There are regulations and building codes, electrical systems, and lighting to deal with. It’s part art, part math, part psychology.

The reward? Crafting the perfect space for your client, giving expression to the desire for hospitality, and creating something beautiful.

You Will Be Prepared Professionally

We are deeply connected to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the American Society of Interior Designers, and the Northwest Society of Interior Designers – three of the most prominent professional organizations in the region, with advisors from their boards working to develop our program.

Our interior design program will educate you to become a creative and responsible interior designer for residential and commercial buildings. Our program was modeled following National Council for Interior Design Qualification standards, which prepares students to enter the industry and begin the process of sitting for certification exams that are standard in the industry (NCIDQ requires students practice professionally before receiving full certification).

You will receive training through course work that prepares you for each portion of the certification process. Upon graduating and working in the field for the required number of hours, you will be ready to sit for the exam and be fully certified to practice interior design independently.

An Emphasis on Environmental Health

The interior design program emphasizes best practices, including concern for environmental issues, LEED certification, ADA requirements, and the construction of holistically considered and relatable environments through problem solving in applied design studios.

With a particular focus on spatial design and space planning, complemented by the application of surface decoration, our students learn to design spaces for living, working, business, health and recreation environments.

Watch video: Interior Design Major Focus: Jeanette Barton | George Fox University

Why Study Interior Design at George Fox?

Are you creative? Do you love the thought of designing practical living spaces? If so, those are just a couple reasons to join us. Here are some others:
Student on a ladder painting a mural on a building wall

What will I Study?

  • Designing homes
  • Designing kitchens and baths
  • Crafting custom furnishings and finishes
  • Drafting and creating renders of buildings
  • Creating environmentally friendly workplaces

As courses progress, you will be challenged by design problems that increase in size and complexity. The curriculum will help you develop an understanding of the influence of sustainable building and reuse on human health, well-being and performance.

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Jasmine Reese

Our courses have been designed to help us succeed in the world outside of our campus by emphasizing industry standards and practices that might not be in textbooks. Along with connections made with working professionals in my field, the friendships I have made in the classroom are exceptional. In a small major, and at a small school, I have had the opportunity to grow close with my peers. We help each other with projects, offer feedback and collaboration, and create a fun atmosphere to learn and work.

What’s after George Fox

With many interior designers moving toward freelance practices, the shape of the interior designer field is shifting, creating opportunities for young designers with a vision and technical ability to break into the field and achieve success.

The field is also shifting in response to the pandemic. As our homes become work spaces, it becomes all the more critical to create multi-functional environments. While architects are running into a slowdown on new buildings, interior designers are taking in a steady stream of remodels.

  • Freelance artist
  • Interior designer
  • Interior assistant
  • Draftsperson
  • Space planner
  • CAD drafter
  • Design firm assistant
  • Materials acquisition specialist
  • Design showroom consultant
  • Textile design consultant
  • Home stager/stylist
  • Kitchen/bath specialist
  • Floor plan consultant
  • Stage and set designer
  • Facilities designer
  • Home furnishings buyer
  • Occupancy planner
  • Strategic planner
  • Store planner
  • Visual display designer
  • Leasing agent specialist
  • Interior design teacher
  • NFL Players Association
  • Disney
  • Nike
  • Nordstrom
  • Faceout Studio
  • VSA Associates, Chicago
  • Landor & Associates
  • Norm Thompson Outfitters
  • Impact Printing
  • Clark & Company
  • Pivot Group
  • Pigeon Toe Ceramics
  • Copper River Design
  • Harvest House Publishing
  • Portland, Beaverton, Salem, Tigard and Sherwood Public Schools
  • Livengood & Nowack
  • Lawrence Galleries
  • Code Monkeys, Web & Game Design
  • Hillsboro Hops
  • Asterix Creative
  • Anthropologie
Student standing on a ladder painting a mural on a building wall
  • City Hall Project: Our interior design majors were recently honored by the city of Carlton for their work in redesigning the city hall – a project that was completed in class.
  • Mural Project: A community mural project that included community engagement, city council presentation and production
  • Glass Project: A public works project producing glass installation for new buildings on campus
  • Tiny Home Village: Working in coordination with North Valley Friends Church to create plans and a vision for a tiny home village that offers low-income housing
  • Community Art & Design Workshop: Teaching high school students art and design
  • George App: Conceive, develop and present an app to serve students at George Fox by replacing clunky existing web systems on campus.