Journalism Minor

With the media playing an ever-increasing role in people’s perception of the world, the field of journalism is in need of passionate investigators, strong writers, and those passionate about truthful storytelling. George Fox’s minor in journalism will prepare you to be such a person.

Our 21-semester-hour program goes beyond simply sharpening your writing and reporting skills. At the heart of our courses are the journalistic principles of integrity, accuracy and high ethical standards – all taught by professors who know you by name and have a vested interest in your journey.

Upon graduation, you will be equipped to influence the direction journalism takes in our country – even the world – as you pursue a career in newspaper or magazine publication, broadcast journalism, web writing or editing, design, or video editing and production. And if you choose to pursue a career outside of the journalism industry, your exceptional writing skills will make you a highly desirable candidate.

Think of all the ways you will help shape culture through the written or spoken word!

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What will I Study?

Our curriculum covers a wide range of journalism fields, from magazine and newspaper writing to video editing and broadcasting. Read on to learn what you can expect to study!

  • Our core journalism courses cover reporting, writing, and editing news for print media, as well as interviewing techniques, investigative reporting, cultivating sources, and editing and layout.
  • Video production and editing classes provide the technical, creative and aesthetic elements of the video production process and cover the theory and practice of editing the moving image.
  • Interested in magazine writing? Our Magazine and Feature Writing course takes a workshop approach to writing feature articles and other shorter nonfiction forms for periodicals.
  • You will have the opportunity to customize your minor by choosing from classes that include Practical Grammar and Editing, Mass Media and Popular Culture, Professional Writing, Media Law and Ethics, Event Video Production, and Documentary Production.
  • A field experience course will give you the opportunity to practice video and film editing techniques and principles in an off-campus, professional setting.
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Natalie Gould

The journalism program at George Fox equipped me with skills I use every day in my profession. The video, interactive and reporting classes readily prepared me for the ever-changing tempo in the media world. George Fox places as strong an emphasis on ethics and integrity as it does on technique; this produces journalists who are not only diligent but also honest and trustworthy. These high expectations made my journalism training unique among my colleagues.