Sociology Minor

Are you a people watcher? Do you wonder why people act the way they do? Have you been curious about how society works? Would you like to explore multiple layers of social reality, especially ones hidden behind the scenes? If so, you should consider studying sociology.

Are you passionate about people and their cultures? How about understanding the concepts of equity, prejudice and privilege? Do you deeply care about people’s well-being and want to be sensitive to their social circumstances? That’s even better.

Sociology pairs well with almost any other field of study because it provides a systematic way of understanding society in its entirety. With guidance from faculty, you will be equipped to critically engage with some of the most pressing social issues of our time, such as health and well-being, inequality, poverty, and race and ethnic relations.

Why Study Sociology at George Fox?

Group of four students studying on the grass of the quad

What will I Study?

  • Patterns and trends in economic, gender, racial, and health inequalities
  • Modernity and its consequences for individuals and groups
  • The interrelationships among social institutions such as family, religion, the economy, and the state
  • Crime and deviant behavior; how can restorative justice promote healing and peace
  • How cultural values and norms shape and are shaped by human behavior
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Isaak Swan

Isaak Swan

Class of 2019

Sociology has made it impossible for me to ignore the sufferings and perspectives of others—this is invaluable. This has been modeled to me by faculty that have cared more about me, my life, and my academic growth than any other teachers I have ever had. The deep connections that the faculty formed with me are why I chose sociology in the first place.