Exploring Biotechnology

Pre-College Summer Programs

June 23-28, 2024

Learn the basics of biotechnology. Find out how it works and explore the implications – where will this technology take us? And what are the ethical implications? 

​​Genetic modification is a practice that previously was only associated with the agricultural industry. This technology has enabled us to minimize crop loss by preventing invasion by pests, among other crucial benefits. More recently, genetic modification of salmon has been approved by the FDA, and the discovery of CRISPR has opened the door to potentially modifying human genomes to cure disease.

With an understanding of the basic tools of molecular biology, head into the laboratory, where you’ll test agricultural products for genetic modification. You’ll use CRISPR technology to modify the genome of E. coli to produce an effect visible to the naked eye. 

In this immersive week-long experience, you will learn how to:

By completing this experience, you’ll be eligible for one college credit in biology.


The cost for Exploring Biotechnology is $1,700 per student ($1,500 for students from partner schools). This includes a week of immersive college-level courses taught by George Fox faculty, convenient on-campus lodging, three meals per day in the dining hall, and evening programming.


Faculty Lead

Bill portrait

Bill Swinehart
Assistant Professor of Biology

Bill Swinehart currently serves as an assistant professor of biology in the Department of Biological and Molecular Sciences. He teaches George Fox’s general science courses, the Science and Faith class, as well as microbiology. Bill has a PhD in biochemistry from Ohio State University and a fascination with how biotechnology shapes the world we live in.

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Partner Schools

Partner schools received discounted registration for the Pre-College Summer Institute, among other benefits.

  • Ambleside of the Willamette Valley
  • Classical Conversations
  • Central Christian School
  • Columbia Adventist Academy
  • Columbia Christian School
  • Damascus Christian
  • Faith Bible Christian School
  • Life Christian School
  • North Clackamas Christian
  • Portland Adventist Academy
  • Portland Christian School
  • Santa Fe Christian School
  • Spring Mountain Christian Academy
  • Southwest Christian School
  • Trinity Academy
  • Valor Christian School Int'l
  • Westside Christian High School
  • Yamhill Carlton High School
  • Veritas