What We Are Known For

Doctor of Education program at George Fox University

Formation of Scholars

Our program design focuses on the formation of scholars along main themes of apprenticeship, stewardship, and collaboration.

Christian Integration

Our program features an integrated approach to learning, and faculty members lead and teach through a spiritual lens. In alignment with the values of stewardship, integrity, community, equity and service, they are committed to examining issues, theory and practice through the eyes of faith. 

All the while, our professors appreciate the challenge of working in a pluralistic society, and they remain curious and open to what our diverse colleagues and learners bring to the conversation.

Scholar-Practitioner Development

Our program emphasizes scholarly habits of mind, dispositions and skills essential for leading in today’s academic environments. We take pride in our evidence-based, low-lecture, high-discussion, and even gamified instructional design and delivery methods. These are applied within summer intensive face-to-face and hybrid courses, as well as in year-round online courses. 

Students in the program discuss complex concepts such as diversity, sacrifice and humility, and are encouraged to ask difficult questions and solve complex educational problems around equity and equality for young learners. 

From our coursework to the dissertation, major course outcomes revolve around actual, realized, positive change in the communities we serve, be it increasing access to services for underserved students or delivering structured support services to our staff.

Community of Learners

The EdD program prioritizes community through a cohort model that allows each incoming class to get to know one another well through course interactions and summer-intensive events. Beyond that, time spent engaging with one another in mastermind groups, on social media, and on writing projects in coffee shops deepens connections.

By design, cohorts get to know those who have preceded them in the program and those who are coming behind. Colloquium a two-day event each summer devoted to developing a deeper understanding of educational issues  is consistently recognized as one of our most valuable learning experiences. Graduates of the program consistently attend and “give back” to those who are continuing on, lending encouragement and networking support.

Personal Care for Students

“Be Known” is a priority at George Fox University across all programs, undergraduate and graduate. That commitment means two things: students will be known individually, so unique strengths and needs are taken into account, and faculty and staff take the role of servant-leaders in support of each student’s success.

Our faculty and staff is intentional about building bonds within and across cohorts, and the combination of our faculty’s commitment to connecting with students as unique individuals and our students’ supportive relationships with one another ensures that each student will be known.