For many George Fox students, the collegiate experience extends far beyond the classroom. The university’s focus on the whole person – personally, academically and spiritually – creates an ideal atmosphere for students to develop deep relationships with lifelong friends, engage in meaningful discussion with faculty mentors, and to grow as part of a community of faith.

For student-athletes, the experience of athletic competition offers additional life lessons in teamwork, leadership, discipline and perseverance. The road isn’t always easy for those who strive to excel both on and off the field of play – from early-morning classes to afternoon internships and evening practice – but the reward at the finish line can be great.

In this issue of the Journal we’re celebrating the student-athlete experience by spotlighting five competitors who can do it all. They’re All-Americans, all-conference athletes, all-star students and all well-rounded people – ready to apply what they’ve learned on the court and in the classroom to whatever comes next in life.

Miranda Edwords
Caleb Dalzell
JJ Lacey
Iris Kawada
Asia Greene