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University Procures a Biblical Masterpiece

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University Procures a Biblical Masterpiece

While there are no plans to replicate Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling frescoes in the campus library, George Fox has acquired its own work of art that is sure to be admired for generations to come.

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of Christian studies professor Paul Anderson, the university will be obtaining all seven volumes of the historic Heritage Edition of The Saint John’s Bible within the next two years. The edition is one of 299 exact representations of the original 1,200-page masterpiece commissioned by the Benedictine community at Saint John’s Abbey in Minnesota – the first hand-calligraphed Bible produced by the Benedictines in more than 500 years.

Christian studies professor Paul Anderson

Christian studies professor Paul Anderson uses a volume of The Saint John’s Bible to help bring biblical stories to life for students.

The university community has enjoyed access to two of the seven volumes of the Heritage Edition for the past two years. Soon, it will be one of only two schools in Oregon to procure the entire set. The edition includes 160 new works of art created since 2001 – including hand-embossed gold, silver and platinum embellishments.

“The historic acquisition of this biblical and artistic masterpiece celebrates the 125th anniversary of George Fox University in ways that will further our mission in engaging ‘Christianity and Culture’ for decades and centuries to come,” Anderson says. “The 160 new pieces of striking biblical artwork – rendered in stunning aesthetic beauty – will be like having Michelangelo’s ceiling in our very own library.”

Anderson is heading up a dedication phase of the acquisition, inviting donors to dedicate a particular volume in memory of a loved one or a family name. Three of the seven volumes are already spoken for. Donors may dedicate a full volume for $10,000 or support a particular work of art in the edition for $1,000, with pledges to be completed over a five-year period. Anderson is also seeking a donor to make a matching-grant contribution in the amount of $75,000, after whom the full set will be named.

Those who would like to arrange a donation or learn more about a dedication are encouraged to contact the Office of University Advancement at 503-554-2115 or

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