Faculty Development Committee

The George Fox University Faculty Development Committee (FDC) was established in 1997 to facilitate professional development and effective teaching through research and to encourage faculty to make research results available to a public forum for professional consideration. Through a generous donation each year the FDC is able to fund a number of summer research grants, research leaves, and faculty writing workshops. 

2018-2019 Faculty Development Committee:

Brian Doak (CCS) (Sabb fa 2018)
Dawn Ford (Co-Chair) (CAHSS)
Jim Foster (Provost's Council Rep)
Javier Garcia (CCS)
Kristina Kays (Co-Chair) (CBHS)
Matt Meyer (CAHSS)
Melanie Mock (CAHSS)
John Schmitt (CENG)
Matt Stump (CENG)
Chengping Zhang (COB)

2018-2019 Summer Grants were awarded to:

Lisa Cleath
Sarita Gallagher
Ben Giudice
Jing Hao
Heather Ohaneson
Paige Parry
Leah Payne
Jillian Sokso
Debby Thomas
Sunggu Yang

2018-2019 Research Leaves were awarded to:

Brian Doak
Jeongah Kim
Young-Il Kim
Melissa Ramos
Sarah Southworth