Student Event Planners

As members of student clubs and organizations, we have special policies to assist you in holding events at George Fox. There are many departments to assist you in planning and executing your programs. Please be sure and ask for assistance when you need it!

For the purpose of keeping confusion to a minimum with clients and guests, the Conference and Event Office has come up with terms to help differentiate between the most common types of programs requested. They are:

  • Meeting: a gathering on behalf of the club or organization, where the following criteria are met:
    • Limited to club membership and no outside guests invited
    • Only official club business will transpire
    • No set up or minimal set up required
  • Event: any gathering that is not a meeting, uses an outside vendor, or has 40+ people attending

Student Clubs/Organizations

All Student Clubs that are officially recognized by Associated Student Government (ASC) at George Fox University are allowed to request space.

If you are planning a “Meeting” that conforms to the above definition, you may submit a request at any time via 25Live Scheduling System or e-mail to if you're having difficulty logging into 25Live.

If the meeting will have any of the following, it is then considered an "event," and a Student Request Form is required in addition to a 25Live reservation request:

  • Outside speaker, community involvement, or special presentations will be made
  • Any rented equipment or vendor (ie tent, lights, food vendor)

Due to the complex needs of music concerts and/or worship events a minimum of 6 weeks planning time is required prior to event date to make sure all the logistics, contracts, and department needs are met. If you are interested in planning this type of an event, you must meet with the Event Office first and we will help walk through all the steps required in order to get it scheduled.

Requests for Student Club Events

Student Clubs that are recognized by ASC and wish to hold an event are invited to complete a Student Request Form. A Student Request Form must be submitted at least ten (10) business days in advance of the event date. Events where student groups will be utilizing a third party vendor or service require at least thirty (30) business days’ advance notice (even more notice is preferred). No exceptions will be made.

The Conference and Event Office will review the Student Event Request Form for logistics and operational needs. If there is a concern or difficulty with the request, the Conference and Event Office will include the Student Activities Advisor in the email reply to the student requestor so the Advisor can help guide the student through the event process if needed. We’ll assign a Scheduling Specialist to work with the student throughout the event process. If further information regarding logistics or arrangements is required, the Scheduling Specialist will contact the Event Organizer to arrange a meeting to discuss event details.

Please note that the approval process can take up to five (5) business days.

Requests for scheduling space are accepted on a first-request basis. Conference & Event Services reserves the right to substitute facilities for the space(s) reserved should the need arise.

Student Event Request Form