Additional Benefits

Our employees enjoy many discounts at local business and restaurants and have supplemental insurance options.

Supplemental Insurance: Aflac

Aflac offers several payroll-deduction plans, including Vision, Cancer Care, Hospital Indemnity and more.  See summary of optional coverage  or

The premiums for these plans are generally deducted after taxes are calculated so you may start/stop these coverages at any time. Paul Frampton is our agent and you can contact him by phone:  503-347-7410 or by e-mail:

Long Term Care Insurance: MasterCare America  

What is Long Term Care?  
Long   Term   Care Insurance is used to pay for help with everyday activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, transferring, toileting, and continence. It also covers cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer's and Dementia.
Why should I consider purchasing long-term care?

·           We are living longer and may require additional  care in our later years

·           Protect your retirement and gain peace of mind

·           Protect your family by having a plan in place

·           You own the coverage so you take it with you if you leave or retire

·           Spouses, and family members including parents, in-laws and grandparents are eligible

Who is our provider? 
Effective October 2017 MasterCare America is our new provider for Long Term Care Insurance.
How do I get a quote or apply?
You can get a quote and apply online at  http:// oyers/ george-fox-university/ ht tp:// / george-fox-university/
Who can I contact for more information?
View the recorded George Fox University webinar ay/O84bTGnmTzsOEZE6- VXvehzTHAW zy N-G119Ez-MLQ5bx2Ip4oRZkHtAia ThD249K
Email:  Enroll@
Phone:  1-800-733-6451

GFU Employee Discounts

  • Businesses that offer discounts to George Fox employees.
  • Restaurants and businesses near the Newberg campus that offer discounts to George Fox employees and/or students.

Coverage Information Related to Medicare Plans and Publications

As you approach Medicare eligibility you will probably receive notices and advertisements from various carriers that either want you to sign up or make it sound like you've been signed up automatically. The penalty they are referring to is in relation to having no coverage, so won't apply to you if you have medical coverage thorough George Fox University.
There are several choices you have for health coverage when you turn 65. 
You have the option of signing up for  Medicare  and/or keeping your employer plan as long as you are still working and benefit eligible. Your active employer insurance will be the primary coverage if you choose to have both  Medicare  and employer coverage. 
There are a couple of good informational resources:
Employee Empowerment completes a form for our retiring employees showing they have had creditable coverage after becoming Medicare eligible,  so they won't be penalized when the sign up at retirement. 
If you do sign up for a medical and prescription plan through Medicare, you have 30 days from the effective date of that coverage to drop your George Fox provided coverage, if you wish to.
Social Security is another piece you may get marketing materials about. When you get close to retirement, you will want to consult with the social security office for advice on when to start applications and the timing of when to begin collecting on the benefits, as they are very strict about annual income limits.  TIAA  can help advise as  part of the retirement income picture, along with availability of the retirement funds in your 403( b) account. You can contact them at  1-800-842-2776 if you'd like to set a time to meet.