Hiring & Supervising Student Employees

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As a student supervisor, you play an integral part in our student employees’ experience at George Fox. Not only are our student employees a huge blessing to us, but you can bless them by preparing and equipping them for their life after college. How you shepherd these students will have a significant impact!

Student employment is a co-curricular opportunity where regular employees lead, mentor and develop personal skills in students to enhance their academic experience and prepare them to achieve their career goals after their time at George Fox University.

Table of Contents

Hiring Guide

  1. Prepare Your Job Description

  2. Post the job on Handshake

  3. Interview Students

  4. Confirm Elgibility

    Confirm (via Handshake, financial aid, or student employment specialist) that the student is Federal Work-Study eligible

  5. Communicate With Applicants

    Communicate with every student who applied to your position to let them know where they stand in the hiring process

  6. Create Offer Letter

    Once the student has accepted your job offer, you need to create an offer letter for them in Timekeeping as well as send them new hire paperwork (as needed).

Take a look at the Student Employment Hiring Guide for more details on the hiring process, pay rates, the Timekeeping policy, and more, and visit the Student Employees page to get more details on the procedures required of students for hiring.


Yes! In order to provide each student with equal opportunities, we ask that you always post your job openings on Handshake (even if you have a student in mind). 

If you have a student returning to work for you, they do not have to be Federal Work-Study (FWS) eligible. If that is not the case, we ask that you hire students with Federal Work Study awards. If you’re having trouble finding a student to work for you, contact the student employment specialist at studentemployment@georgefox.edu for assistance!

If your student employee has never worked for George Fox before, he or she will need to fill out New Hire Paperwork on or before their first day of work. If they are a returning on-campus employee (from any department) they do not have to. If they do not have paperwork in, they will not be able to work.

First, have the student email the student employment specialist at studentemployment@georgefox.edu. Next, your student will likely have to fill out a “paper” timesheet. Both the student and supervisor will need to sign the paper before sending it to payroll.

You need to make sure that your student is clocking in and out at the time of their shift. If there is a recurring problem with their timekeeping practices, we will need to implement a plan to help them.

Please notify the student employment specialist ASAP (studentemployment@georgefox.edu) when a student ends their employment early. Their job record and offer letter in Timekeeping will need to be updated.

Most likely, your student is not FWS eligible, their pay rate is above the minimum wage, or they are working multiple on-campus jobs, which is putting them over the hour limit. Please make sure all your information is accurate for the student (start date, pay rate, hours, etc.). If you still have a problem, contact the student employment specialist at studentemployment@georgefox.edu for help.

The Office of People & Culture will provide a basic orientation when students come into our office to complete their paperwork. Summer employees will receive more specific training covering different tax implications, hour policy, and more. Check this Google Calendar for a forecasted date of the summer orientation event.

Summer & School Break Employment

During winter, spring and summer break only, students are allowed to work up to 40 hours a week. This should be based on business needs and under the supervision of professional staff. 


If a student is continuing to work with you over winter break, they do not need a new offer letter. They can continue to work and clock their time on their current offer letter accurately. This does not require any change to their offer letter.

You will need to be mindful of making sure their timesheet is locked and approved around the holidays. If you have a student working for you just over break, you will create an academic year offer letter for them with the correct start and end dates. 


Summer employees need a new offer letter created. After the job has been posted, and the hiring process has been completed, you should create an offer letter using the “20XX Summer - [Location]” offer letter template.

If you are anticipating a minimum wage change, please do not preemptively put that anticipated amount as their pay rate. Our office automatically changes rates as they are updated.

Leadership Agreements

Here is the list of pre-approved leadership positions:

All agreements need to be filled out and completed through our online process. 

Please see the Hiring Action Guide for our full process and instructions.

If you think you may have a position that could qualify as a leadership position, fill out the Student Leadership Position Request Form and the student employment specialist will contact you.

If a student leader has not yet worked on campus, they will need to complete New Hire Paperwork before the student can work, and before a check request is able to be placed.

Useful Documents & Google Drive

New employees must bring Acceptable Documents for the I-9 form. The Employment Eligibility Verification and the documents must be original (no copies).

The Office of People & Culture will answer basic questions about timekeeping, paychecks, etc. Additionally, students should receive job-specific training in their departments, and they can click the links below to learn more:

These documents can be found in the Student Supervisor Google Drive as well. Please email studentemployment@georgefox.edu if you still need access.

Timekeeping & Handshake

Congratulations, you have chosen the best student for your open work-study position! Here are the steps for creating their offer letter.

All student offer letters are created in Timekeeping. Please be sure you have the following information correct.

If the offer letter you’ve created comes back invalid, do not create another one. Reach out to the student employment specialist at studentemployment@georgefox.edu and they will be able to assist you.

Handshake is the online career hub for George Fox students and alumni. Employers can use Handshake to post jobs and internships. If you’re already an approved employer, you’re free to post your position(s), or use this Handshake link to create an account. Need assistance? Check out this Handshake Support page.

Student Supervisor Calendar

Subscribe to the Student Supervisor Google Calendar! This calendar will include things like training events, help dates, reminders, and more.