Passwords, Logging In and Multi-Factor Authentication

Table of Contents


Logging In and Single Sign On

Signing in for the First Time?

When signing in the first time, you will be taken through the Multi-Factor Authentication set-up process.

  1. Close all programs.
  2. Open a single browser and log into MyGeorgeFox with your username and the temporary password that was emailed to you.
  3. Click the “Manage Account” tile on the home page and follow the prompts.
  4. Successful? Test it by signing out of MyGeorgeFox and signing back in.
  5. Unsuccessful? Try an incognito window, clear your cache and cookies, or use a different browser.
  6. For employee Windows computers, log out of Windows, then log in with the new password while your computer is plugged into ethernet.
  7. Sign in to to access all the George Fox systems.


Reset Instructions

Set up Your Security Questions

Set up password security questions and enter a non-George Fox email address so that you can reset your password automatically if you forget your MyGeorgeFox password.

In the future, if you forget your password, click the “Forgot Password” button on the MyGeorgeFox login screen. You'll be prompted to answer the two password questions, and MyGeorgeFox will email a new random password to your non-George Fox email addresses that are saved in MyGeorgeFox.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

You will be required to utilize Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) when accessing or apps that use the single sign on page such as Gmail, Canvas, Zoom, MyGeorgeFox, etc. Instructions for setting up Multi-Factor Authentication when prompted.

Set up at Least Two Methods

We recommend that you set up more than one method of authentication. You can find instructions here for setting up a second authentication method.

There are four methods available:

Some devices may also offer a biometric method (for example fingerprint or face identification). These methods can have an inconsistent success rate, we do not recommend that you enable biometrics for Multi-Factor Authentication.

Getting a New Phone?

Both Okta Verify and Google Authenticator apps will transfer to your new phone, but the account settings will not transfer over. This disruption will keep you from accessing your email, Canvas or other items accessed at

Be sure to have a backup method such as SMS or Voice Call set up before getting a new phone. If not, you might not be able to login until the Service Desk is open. To avoid this situation, follow the instructions in Multi-Factor Authentication on a new phone.

Resetting Multi-Factor Authentication

If you are having difficulties with your authentication method or have not set up a backup method you will need to contact the Service Desk for assistance at 503-554-2569 during normal office hours.