Policies and Procedures

Data Classification Policy

George Fox University maintains multiple databases, as well as legacy information stored in files that require employees to exercise care in use of the data. The need for discretion and confidentiality exists in every department of the University. The University expects employees to handle in a professional and ethical manner any confidential information entrusted to them. Confidential information should not be shared or discussed with anyone who does not have a legitimate need to know the information. Best practices should be observed in managing, updating, printing, transmitting and sharing institutional information as outlined in this policy.

Password Policy

Many University computing and network resources are password protected. Only those authorized to use these resources are allowed access according to the Password Policy. Sharing of login names and/or passwords is specifically prohibited. This policy includes, but is not limited to, access to the University electronic messaging system, even by immediate family members.

If you have reason to believe that your password has been compromised, you are required to change it immediately, or to contact the Service Desk to have it changed. Additionally, you are strongly encouraged to strengthen the security of your password by mixing letters, numbers, and characters and by making it at least six characters long. For more details review 'strong passwords" in the Password Policy.

Most email programs and many remote access setups can remember or "auto-save" your password. You are strongly encouraged not to use this feature as it makes your email and/or the University network accessible to anyone gaining physical or electronic access to your computer. Remember, anyone with access to your email can act on your behalf and you may be liable for their actions. Clear passwords saved by your web browser. If using Firefox, select tools, internet options, security, and clear saved passwords. If using Internet explorer as your web browser, select tools, internet options, content, AutoComplete..., Clear Passwords

Hardware Purchasing Policy

Faculty and staff technology rotation plans cover the majority of University purchases of computers and peripherals. Any purchase made outside of a rotation plan requires the pre-approval of the Director of Academic Computing and the appropriate Vice President or Dean. Software purchases should be made in conjunction with IT in order to ensure continued support.

Network Usage and Access Policy

The electronic networks at George Fox are maintained to support the academic and administrative goals of the University. Priority will always be given to these uses whenever possible. It is clear that in today's world our electronic networks are mission critical to the University. These policies have been adopted to ensure the usability, reliability, and recoverability of these resources.

IT Service Desk Policy

Requests for Institutional Technology services must be directed to the Service Desk. 

Network Extensions (Wireless) Policy

Coordinating Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) hardware across the George Fox campuses is required to ensure optimal network coverage, secure access, and general network stability. This policy provides the structure for a campus-wide solution for the implementation of wireless technology, which includes centralized determination and authentication (network registration) in order to provide the appropriate level of network security.