Network Extensions (Wireless) Policy


Coordinating Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) hardware across the George Fox campuses is required to ensure optimal network coverage, secure access, and general network stability. This policy provides the structure for a campus-wide solution for the implementation of wireless technology, which includes centralized determination and authentication (network registration) in order to provide the appropriate level of network security.


To ensure the technical coordination required to provide the best possible wireless network to the George Fox University campuses, the IT department will be solely responsible for the ordering, deployment, and management of the 802.11 and related wireless access points on all campuses. Only network extension devices (including devices such as hubs switches, routers and wireless access points) installed and managed by George Fox IT department will be used on the George Fox network. University students, faculty and staff are not permitted to install their own network extension equipment, except as noted below. Departments wishing to extend their network connectivity or implement wireless networking should contact the IT Service Desk.

Students wishing to extend their network connectivity should contact the IT Service Desk and follow the Residential Wireless Extension Policy. In keeping with George Fox network security standards, all sensitive data being transmitted across a wireless network must be encrypted with at least a 128 bit encryption, or transported over a secure VPN (virtual private network) connection.

Campus Residence facilities

Generally, one network port per student is provided in campus residences. Some students may wish to extend the network in their room and have more than one device such as printers or game consoles in addition to their computer. If more than one network port is desired, switches and hubs in campus residence are permitted, but only on a 'use at your own risk' basis. The campus network registration system may interfere with proper functioning of devices connected to these extensions. Wireless access points and routers are not permitted in campus residences unless the individual has worked with the IT Service Desk and followed the guidelines outlined in the Residential Wireless Extension Policy.


The IT department reserves the right to request the removal of any network extension device and actively search for unsanctioned wireless access points. Failure to abide by the above policies may result in immediate termination of campus network connectivity.