Chapel Credit


The purpose of our Spiritual Life program is to partner with you in your journey toward spiritual maturity, preparing you to live for Christ wherever your path may take you. George Fox offers a Spiritual Life Program with an emphasis in three areas: events on the Spiritual Life calendar (like chapel service), small-group studies, and ministry and service opportunities.

Our main priority is that each student will come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and grow in that relationship toward a mature faith. While we believe strongly in the value of our Spiritual Life Program, we strongly believe it does not replace the life and ministry of the local church and should not be considered a substitute for church attendance or involvement. Instead, the Spiritual Life Program is an integral part of the total faith-learning experience you receive at George Fox University.

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Who is required to attend chapel?

  • If you have fewer than 93 academic credits before the beginning of the current academic semester
  • If you are younger than 23 before the beginning of the current academic semester

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How many chapel opportunities do I need to attend?

You must obtain at least 30 chapel credits over the course of one school year (Fall and Spring semesters). Up to fifteen of those credits can be obtained through chapel elective credit.

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How do I keep track of my chapel credits?

  • To check your credit progress, login to your MyGeorgeFox account and look under the chapel tab to see the events you have credit for. There will be a green check mark next to every event for which you have credit. At the bottom of that page is a running total of how many you have completed and how many remain to fulfill your chapel requirement.
  • You are responsible to keep track of your chapel credit and must let us know within 72 hours if your credit is not showing up from an event. To let us know, send and email to Include your ID number and a few sentences summarizing the chapel event and what was most formative for you from the chapel.
  • All Chapel Credit is due on the last Friday of classes (the Friday before exam week). 

How to get Chapel credit

Chapel Attendance (Download a Spiritual Life Calendar)

Chapel is a time of learning, praise and worship. Chapel services are held on Tuesday mornings from 10:50 to 11:40 a.m. in Bauman Auditorium and Wednesday evenings from 7 to 8 p.m. in Bauman Auditorium. Shalom Chapel is held on Tuesday evenings at 9 pm in the Canyon Commons Dining Rooms. Chapels are held each week of the semester.

To be given credit for attending a chapel service, students must have their George Fox ID card scanned by a chapel greeter before exiting the auditorium.

Chapel Elective Attendance

Throughout the year there are many events that qualify for Chapel Elective Credit. We have a running list of events and groups we have approved to count toward chapel elective credit. In order to receive credit for attending a chapel elective event a student must fill out a form on their MyGeorgeFox chapel portal answering a few questions about the event they attended. Students may earn up to 5 of their 15 credits through attending chapel electives. Watch The Daily Bruin for information about upcoming events that count toward elective credit. View a list of our current chapel electives.  

All Chapel Credits, include Chapel Electives forms are due by the last Friday of classes (the Friday before exams). 

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What do I do if I don’t/can’t attend 30 chapel opportunities?

If a student feels like they will not be able to obtain their required 30 chapel credits they may fill out a chapel credit waiver form.  The Chapel Accountability Committee will review the waiver and according to the student's circumstance will do one of the following (this form generally takes three weeks to process):

  • Give permission for the student to fill out podcast forms after watching podcasts of chapel from the current semester 
  • Partial chapel credit waived
  • Full chapel credits waived (0 credits required- this option is rarely granted)
  • Deny the waiver and advise how to obtain credit

Fill out waiver forms before the fourth Friday of the semester. Students will be notified of the decision on the waiver request.

Chapel Credit Exemption Information

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Absences and Waivers


Absences due to activities such as field trips, athletics team participation, band and choir tours, etc., are not considered excused. Students who participate in these activities are responsible to earn 30 chapel credits like all other students.

Prolonged and confining illnesses are evaluated on an individual basis at the end of the semester. Prolonged and confining illness excuses are issued only by the school nurse for illnesses of three or more consecutive days.

Waivers (submit form to apply)

A student may receive a full or partial waiver for the chapel credit requirement for one semester at a time due to one of the following reasons. In most cases a student will be given the opportunity to do most of their needed chapel credit via watching a podcast of chapel and filling out a form.

  1. Student teaching/Internship
  2. Significant work schedule 
  3. Illness 
  4. Class schedule, including during both chapel times (class schedule required)
  5. Fourth-year student with not enough credits to be exempt

Levels of Chapel Credit Waiver Granted

Partial Waiver

If a student receives a partial waiver, he or she must attend 10 chapels throughout the semester. He or she must re-apply each semester a waiver is needed. A student may receive a waiver for the attendance requirement for one semester due to student teaching or an off-campus field placement.

All waivers must be cleared through the Office of Spiritual Life by the fourth Friday of each semester. 

Podcast Waiver (credit accepted through podcast)

If a student is given the opportunity to view podcasts for credit they will be notified via email and their MyGeorgeFox chapel portal view will change to have form icons next to each event. They can click the small icon next to the chapel event watched via podcast and fill out the form. After they click “Submit” the form will be sent to Spiritual Life where it will be manually read through. The forms may take up to 72 hours to be processed.

As a student waits for the form to be reviewed the icon will change into a question mark. After the form has been accepted, and they have been given credit a green check mark will appear. If it is denied, there will be a stated reason for denial and the icon will change into a red 'X'. If a credit is denied a student may resubmit that form with the appropriate information needed (unless the due date has been passed).

If a student is given the opportunity to view podcasts for credit they will be notified via email and their MyGeorgeFox chapel portal view will change to have form icons next to each event.

All Podcast Waiver forms are due by the last Friday of classes (the Friday before Exams).

Full Waiver (rarely given)

If a student receives a full waiver, he or she is not required to attend any chapel programs for the period of one semester. Students must re-apply each semester. If a student is a fourth year student with less than 93 academic credits they may qualify for full waiver. See the Chapel Credit Exemption Information page.

The waiver form, which includes employer and medical verification forms, may be found at this link.

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When do I need to have my chapel credit requirements completed?

All 30 Chapel credits must be completed by midnight on the last day of classes (the Friday before finals).

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If I don't complete my credits, what happens?

Chapel Credit Deficiency Policy

All students must fulfill their chapel credit requirement by the last day of classes at midnight. This is the Friday before Exam week. All undergraduate students with a spiritual life credit requirement will receive an email one month before the last day of classes as well as one week before that deadline. Students who do not fulfill their required credits by the deadline will have a fee placed on their student financial account.

Policy Guidelines

  • If granted the option to do Podcast forms for chapel credit, they are due by midnight on the last day of classes. This is the Friday before exam week.
  • All students who have not resolved their credit deficiency by midnight on the last day of classes will have a fee of $20/deficient credit (not to surpass $300) placed on their student account.
  • Students are required to apply for a "chapel credit waiver" if they are a fourth-year student, but do not have senior status according to MyGeorgeFox. No student "automatically" is exempt unless he or she has 93 academic credits or above, or is 23 years of age by the beginning the current academic semester.
  • All fees will be going toward spiritual life programming and the Summer Serve ministry.
  • There will be an appeal process for students who have a discrepancy with an applied fee.

We would prefer that you complete the Spiritual Life credits instead of paying a fee. However, we need to find a way of managing this process that does not require extensive time and effort in the Office of Spiritual Life.

Memorize Scripture Instead of Paying a Chapel Fine

New this year we are offering students an opportunity to memorize scripture instead of paying a chapel fine. Here is how it will work: for every chapel you miss ($20/chapel) you can memorize any 7 verses from the Gospel of Mark (any translation). You will need to schedule a time during finals week to recite your memorized verses to a campus pastor. Recitation must occur during one of the offered times during Finals Week, no exceptions (scheduled times will appear here when finalized). Students will be allowed three mistakes for every 7 verses memorized. Questions? Contact our office at

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How do I appeal a fee placed on my account?

Appeal Process

If a student has a discrepancy with an applied fee, he or she may appeal it. To appeal the fee, please complete the appeal form.

The following are appropriate reasons to appeal the fee:

  • Inaccurate spiritual life credit/attendance records
  • Dropping out of the university within the first two months of the semester
  • Incomplete in classes due to extenuating circumstances or lengthy illness

Appeals will be reviewed by a committee. Students who were "not aware" that they were required to attend chapel and assumed they were exempt may file an appeal as well, however, it is not encouraged as students are responsible to be informed of their own chapel requirement.

Students who continue to not meet the spiritual life chapel credit requirement or attempt to defraud the spiritual life chapel attendance process in any manner (including "sliding and gliding") may be required to meet with the dean of students and may be subject to further disciplinary action, which could include a semester suspension from the university.

Chapel Credit Exemption Information

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